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Groove Digital helps brokers dominate market segments in off-plan real estate with tailored strategies and comprehensive lead generation services

By Tom White

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Published: Wed 10 Jul 2024, 2:31 PM

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

Groove Digital, a leading digital marketing agency, launches its innovative Off-Plan Real Estate Lead Generation Services in the UAE. This service revolutionises how UAE and Indian real estate agents connect with investors in Europe and India, transforming the marketing and sale of off-plan projects in Dubai.

A personalised approach to real estate marketing

Rens Hageman, the visionary behind Groove Digital and author of ‘The New Way of Selling Off-Plan Real Estate’, shares the journey and insights that led to this groundbreaking service.

The inception

Hageman, a key UAE real estate player, approached Groove Digital to address their website’s lack of scalability and project showcase capabilities. Rens and his team proposed a new, fast, and unique website using Webflow.

This project highlighted industry issues: agents prioritise immediate results due to commission-only incomes, perpetuating poor behavior on both sides.

Focusing on real estate agents in Dubai

Rens underscores the necessity for innovation in the real estate industry, particularly in Dubai. “The same outdated strategies yield the same poor results. Change is imperative, and as Albert Einstein said, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ I’m here to change the recipe and make a substantial impact.”

Strategies for success

Engaging the Broader Market

Groove Digital uses the ‘Larger Market Formula’ to engage a broader market, not just the top three per cent of active buyers. Inspired by Sabri Suby’s ‘Sell Like Crazy’, this approach uncovers hidden opportunities, targeting those who can benefit but aren’t actively seeking. This positions Groove Digital as the best digital marketing agency in Dubai.

Niche domination

Groove Digital helps brokers dominate market segments in off-plan real estate with tailored strategies and comprehensive lead generation services, making it a top lead generation company in Dubai.

Comprehensive system for success

Groove Digital’s system consistently delivers warm, qualified leads through targeted campaigns and services tailored to real estate brokers, agencies, and developers.

Key services include

  • Webinar Automation: High-quality, automated webinars for real estate leads in Dubai.
  • Data-Driven Web Design: Create websites aligned with target markets.
  • High-Value Content Offers: Develop and promote content to capture leads.
  • Email Automation: Craft email sequences to boost conversions.
  • Ad Campaigns: Manage ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
  • Lead Insights & CRM: Advanced tracking and analytics for tailored approaches.

Roadshow Automation Advantage

Traditional off-plan real estate sales often fall short. Groove Digital’s Roadshow Automation uses webinars to attract, educate, and nurture audiences to ready-to-buy status.

How it works

  • Attract: Targeted digital marketing efforts, including UGC ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, Google Ads, and LinkedIn outreach, positioning Groove Digital as a leader in performance marketing in Dubai.
  • Educate: High-value content on off-plan real estate investments.
  • Nurture: Automated follow-ups and resources to build trust.
  • Convert: Ready-to-buy audiences eager to invest.

Benefits of Roadshow Automation

➔ Sustainable Investment: One-time investment with long-term value.

➔ Evergreen Marketing: Ongoing lead attraction with minimal upkeep.

➔ Adaptability: Updates for market trends and new info.

➔ Unrestricted Targeting on Meta Ads: Precise targeting by age, gender, and other demographics, demonstrating expertise in Facebook advertising in Dubai.

Join the Revolution

Groove Digital invites UAE and Indian brokers to experience innovative lead generation in off-plan real estate with cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

Free Demo Call

Book your free Roadshow Automation demo call today and start your journey towards off-plan real estate success. Visit to get started.

Key benefits of Groove Digital’s services

Service Description
Webinar Production and Automation High-quality webinars to engage and convert audiences.
Data-Driven Branding and Web Design Creating websites that align with target markets.
High-Value Content Offers (HVCO) Developing content to capture leads and drive traffic.
Email Copywriting and Automation Nurturing leads with expertly crafted email sequences.
Targeted Ad Campaigns Managing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
Behavior-Based Lead Insights and CRM Integration Advanced tracking and analytics for tailored approaches.

For more information, visit or email [email protected].

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