Smart Real Estate Commercial Office

Our Smart Commercial Real Estate platform streams your workflow for creating smart commercial office and retail solutions. The Platform is widely used for:

  • smart energy management.
  • access logging and control.
  • indoor tracking of employees.
  • occupancy of meeting and lavatory rooms.
  • indoor air quality and HVAC monitoring.

Save up to 90% of development time for your smart office solution by utilizing the following platform benefits:

  • Reliable and fault-tolerant data collection from your IoT devices and sensors.
  • Powerful rule engine to process collected data and produce alarms and valuable insights.
  • Advanced and flexible visualization for real-time and historical data.
  • Customizable end-user dashboards to share the monitoring results.
  • On-premises and cloud deployment options.
  • Remote control and OTA updates for your IoT devices.
  • Customizable mobile applications with minimum coding efforts.
  • The platform provides production-ready server infrastructure to connect your IoT devices, store, analyze and share collected IoT data.
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