Top office markets for commercial real estate investments in India in 2024 – a report by Property Share – The Economic Times

Demand and supply are the two critical pieces of information that any investor needs before making investment decisions in commercial real estate. This demand/supply dynamic determines which way rents are likely to go for new tenants, how likely existing tenants are to renew their leases or honour their escalation commitments and what cap rates buyers […]

Property market slump causes Chinese shares to languish – Times of India – IndiaTimes

BANGKOK: Chinese shares experienced significant volatility on Monday, reaching five-year lows as market regulators announced measures to address stock price manipulation and “malicious short selling.” Throughout the day, shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen swung between losses and gains. The slump in the real estate market has led to heavy selling of property shares, causing the […]

Redefining strategies for India’s affordable housing challenges | Mint – Mint

In India’s dynamic housing market, the challenge of affordability for lower-income groups remains a critical issue. Despite a government benchmark established in 2008, which defines housing as affordable if monthly payments do not exceed 30% of a household’s gross income, this standard struggles to fully capture the reality of affordability in the current housing landscape. […]

Ayodhya Real Estate Market: Four-Fold Increase in Property Rates in 4 Years | Lucknow News – Times of India

Real estate transactions in Ayodhya have been consistently increasing over the past four years. The number of deals and rates have both risen, with the stamp duty collection reflecting this growth. The consideration value and circle rates have also shown an upward trend, indicating a higher actual market value compared to the documented value.

Budget 2024: India Inc hails Budget’s roadmap for development, hails beacon of support to infrastructure and planning – Zee Business

Budget 2024: Corporates across sectors hailed the interim Budget presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, a majority of them asserting that it charts a definitive pathway for a fully developed and economically robust India by 2047. Some others head honchos echoed a sentiment of cautious optimism while reacting to the interim Budget presented by the […]

Budget 2024: India’s real estate sector needs an urgent attention – Business Today

With all eyes set on the upcoming Union Budget 2024, expectations are soaring high on various fronts including the real estate industry. The real estate sector, in turn, has substantial influence over the country’s economy, amplifying the expectations within the real estate community. The real estate industry has shown resilience amidst the pandemic’s challenges. This […]

Budget 2024: Proptech’s pivotal role in shaping India’s real estate landscape – Business Today

Budget expectations: India’s real estate industry, poised to reach $1 trillion in revenue by 2030 and contributing significantly to the GDP, is in a transformative phase. Proptech, or property technology, is not merely a facilitator but a pivotal force in driving this growth. With the overall real estate industry expected to be at ~13% of […]

India’s trend-defying property market is a sight to behold – South China Morning Post

Third, long-awaited supply-side and regulatory reforms, including the development of a listed real estate investment trust (Reit) market, have improved the business environment significantly and catalysed the institutionalisation and financialisation of the property industry. Fourth, India is taking advantage of the geopolitical reshaping of supply chains as multinational companies seek to increase their resilience to […]

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