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In which area of building performance management is there the most scope for sustainable change with technologies?

There is a huge role for technology to accelerate change in optimising building performance. The three key technologies are:

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

  • Implementing high efficiency, well-coordinated building equipment and systems at the moment of construction or during maintenance programmes
  • Implementing continuous commissioning/SMART building technologies to drive visibility to a complete picture of energy profiles and usage so that energy managers can provide immediate and proactive interventions to keep equipment running optimally
  • An Asset Management platform that allows for a strong Lifecycle Asset Management programme.

How is AI changing the game?

One way AI is changing the game for sustainability is through its ability to fill data gaps and complete the story of decarbonisation.

Today, most companies operate with low-quality, incomplete data sets, making visibility to the current state and “what investments do I need to make to achieve my goals?” very difficult or even impossible. 

To solve this issue, at JLL we have developed a real estate AI decarbonisation scenario planning technology.

Leveraging archetype-based and machine learning modelling, the technology can piece together and plug holes in that incomplete data set to give you a fuller picture of your emissions as well as predict the costs and benefits of different initiatives. This better, more complete data story becomes the critical backbone for sustainability strategies and investment decisions.


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