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With today’s growing real estate market, financial analysts are beginning to look around in concern at the economic climate. Some have started muttering about 2008, the last big recession when the real estate market crashed badly and took four years to recover. That leads investors and property owners to wonder how they should prepare. Christian Gore has reassuring predictions based on data he has analyzed with the help of innovative artificial intelligence partners.

“We’re going through another cycle currently, but I think we’ll come out on the other end fine because we’re ready for it,” Christian Gore says. “We’re on the offense, and hopefully, we can continue to scale and succeed in getting through this bump in the road.”

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Gore’s deep knowledge of the U.S. real estate market comes from his decade of working in private equity real estate at several companies before starting his own firm which focuses on a data-driven, research-oriented approach to real estate investment.

“We’re at an intersection in our industry where we have data moving faster than ever,” Christian explains. “An inflection point where everything’s getting disrupted. We’re extremely technology-forward in everything that we do.”

Gore’s advice is for real estate investment firms to do as he did with G1 Capital Partners: replace outdated systems with new technology. Innovations provide streamlined data. Gore’s concentration on finding new ways to collect and analyze financial data is a part of the new age in the real estate industry.

“From the ground up, we’re very technology-forward for all of our internal processes and all of our external processes with our partners. We utilize data companies that are relatively new startups, which gives us an edge. Some of the data providers that we use are machine learning and AI technology that effectively allow us to, in our world, go through a large volume of investments and identify the ones we want to spend time on.”

Gore suggests that access to such timely data will help the U.S. economy battle through this slowdown much faster than before. “I think, with technology and data flows and information that’s gotten significantly better over the last 10 or 15 years, we’ll see a faster process.”

Using his AI-driven analytics, Gore believes that since data moves significantly faster in 2024 than in 2008, recovery will only take 12 to 18 months to reach recovery rather than the four years it took then. That predicted timeline started in November 2023, as well, Gore says, using analysis of bank loans for real estate projects.

“We’re seeing the distress. Banks are kicking the can down the road depending on their allocations or exposure. Many loans are getting extended for an extra year so it will be interesting to see how things evolve through 2025.”

Christian Gore
Christian Gore

G1 Capital Partners is focusing mainly in the residential sector and industrial real estate right now, which Christian Gore calls the most solid products for the foreseeable future. Overall, however, real estate is showing many weak spots.

“It’s bifurcated by the different products, so office real estate is by far in the most trouble,” Gore elaborates. “Next would probably be hospitality; then, moving down the food chain, you’ve got the more niche real estate products.”

Gore initially started G-1 Capital Partners to provide a channel for private capital to access institutional-quality real estate investments. Christian sees his people and company’s culture as key components to the success of his and his partners’ investments. The proprietary data and tools that Gore seeks out allow his team and partners to objectively make streamlined investment decisions in a complex environment.

“We strongly believe in our ability to execute for our clients and deliver outsized risk-adjusted returns,” Christian says. “We invest in every opportunity alongside our investors to assure we are completely aligned.”

Following his predictions to the logical conclusion, Gore is sure the U.S. economy will begin advancing upward this year and into early 2025. “It’s funny how that timing works out,” he laughs.

Returning to a serious tone, he continues, “We’re assuming that nothing is really going to happen in terms of interest rates until after the election, so we don’t assume much will change until early 2025. That’s our internal thesis. But no one has a crystal ball considering the complexity of global financial markets.”

Confidence and credibility are of the utmost importance in real estate investments, Gore points out. The success of G1 Capital Partners and its investing partners is a testament to how well he’s achieving this goal.

“At the end of the day, in our world, it comes down to trust. Many people say that it’s not the product you’re investing in; it’s the people you’re investing in. That’s my belief as well,” Gore says.

Christian Gore succeeds on a data-driven investment approach, leveraging AI and machine learning for data aggregation. This strategic use of technology enables his firm to make informed decisions about where and why to invest.

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