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When I was playing college football, I never looked forward to the halftime break. It gave players a short rest, but it was mentally stressful. The coaching staff pointed out mistakes players made and had new plays we had a few minutes to learn for the second half. When it was time to leave the locker room the coaches patted us on the shoulders, said we could do better and that the school depended on us. I learned more about life in high school and college via sports than I ever did in the classroom. 

Buying and selling a home isn’t a contact sport but it’s a high-stakes game. The goal for sellers is obtaining the highest score for their home without any injuries. Buyers can only score when they get the ball. Both buyers and sellers should know the field condition and understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of the players against whom they are competing. With nearly half the year behind us, sellers are still in control of the housing game, although there are more scoring opportunities for buyers in the second half. 

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