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DHG Properties reveals how UAE’s high commercial property demand drives residential market success

DHG Properties, a renowned Swiss real estate developer with a legacy of over three decades of excellence, has been instrumental in the UAE’s real estate sector. For instance, the company has played a significant role in the 45% increase in demand for industrial, retail, and office sectors through Q1 2024. According to Miloš Antić, Vice Chairman of DHG Holding & Founder of DHG Properties, this surge is playing a pivotal role in facilitating sales transactions in the country’s real estate sector.

The UAE’s industrial and retail sectors grew by 34% and 41%, while the office sector demonstrated the most significant growth at 61%. Miloš explained: “The country’s future-oriented, flexible remote work system was born out of necessity during COVID-19, but the pandemic is now a thing of the past, and business has resumed as usual. Hybrid and work-from-home systems remain intact in the UAE, but employees have returned to offices in greater numbers. With an increased demand for commercial spaces, residential demand has followed in parallel; homes that serve as a separator between professional and personal life and provide easy access to workplaces are being highly sought after.”

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Miloš Antić, Vice Chairman of DHG Holding & Founder of DHG Properties

The UAE’s growing demand for commercial infrastructure is being met by DHG Properties, which is not only accommodating existing residents but also attracting future ones. Dubai, in particular, has witnessed tremendous population growth as more than 25,700 people migrated to the emirate in Q1 2024, compared to just 25,489 people in 2023. With this, DHG has observed an uptick in German, Indian, and British investment, with these nationalities contributing to 43% of the 50% of sales that have already been logged for the company’s Helvetia Residences project in JVC. This influx of investment and migration is a clear indication of the positive impact DHG is making on the UAE’s real estate market.

The notion that commercial real estate growth is fuelling the country’s residential property success is reinforced by the UAE’s rank as the most popular destination for global workers; a recent survey illustrates this as 82% of professionals in both the UAE and KSA said they prefer working in the GCC region rather than moving to Europe or the US, with approximately 46% of respondents crediting the region’s standard of living and 35% citing its attractive lifestyle.

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DHG Properties: Booming Commercial Demand Boosts Residential Market

Miloš added: “It’s easy to forget that the real estate sector is affected by other dynamics, and vice versa. With that said, the implementation of several initiatives – from Golden Visa reforms to D33 and now the Quality of Life Strategy 2033 – by the UAE’s wise leadership is having a profoundly positive impact on the country as a whole and, in relation, its real estate market. As the nation continues its growth journey, developers must commit to present-day market dynamics and future-proof the nation for years to come.”

DHG is bringing its signature European touch to the UAE via Helvetia Residences, a project that stands out for its [unique features of the project]. With this JVC-situated project, the company caters to the country’s diverse nationalities by offering [specific amenities or services that cater to different nationalities]. This project not only bolsters DHG’s portfolio but also contributes to the growth of the UAE’s real estate sector. DHG’s 30-year track record includes global feats, including 300 total delivered projects, 2.5 million square meters of construction and development, and over 1,500 residential and commercial developments in its pipeline.

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