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India’s economy has been evolving at an unprecedented pace, poised to emerge as the fourth-largest economy by 2026, surpassing Japan. The country’s astounding economic trajectory finds its foundations in the resilient growth showcased by India’s foreign investment sector. Breaking all records, India recorded $112 billion in Inward Foreign Remittances in FY23, clocking an all-time high in the last five years, amid economic recovery after the catastrophic pandemic impact.
The country’s groundbreaking Inward Foreign Remittances is underpinned by the seismic shifts in the global landscape, presenting new opportunities to NRIs at the crossroads of the potential investment ecosystem. In 2024, India’s large and evolving investment market coupled with ardent policies, government initiatives, infrastructure development and enhanced connectivity will stand as a beacon of hope for NRIs looking forward to diversifying their investment portfolio.

Real Estate- The Backbone of Future NRI Investment

NRI’s preferred investment goal is shifting towards tapping into the Indian growth market and generating wealth. While other options exist in the form of FD, NPS, and other traditional schemes, NRIs are heavily focusing on Real Estate, especially commercial after witnessing the growth prospectus in the sector. As we venture into 2024, NRIs will continue to invest in the real estate landscape, backed by the convergence of factors such as high rental yields, favourable government policies, deep emotional connection and most importantly the tenacity demonstrated by the Indian real estate market in the face of adversity.

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

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Decoding Preconceived Notions- Path to Trust

By breaking down the common misconception that NRIs can’t invest in India, the Indian investment scene will connect NRIs with their roots. The reality is more than simple! By following RBI guidelines established under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), NRIs can not only invest but can generate additional revenue streams. Further, the lack of an entrusting factor between the Indian diaspora abroad and third parties has been a hindrance dominating the investment ecosystem. However, in 2024, the acceleration of new-age NRI dedicated platforms driven by technology will be instrumental in making the investment process transparent, bolstering diverse NRI investments.

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Mutual Funds- A Window of Opportunity

With the wealth of knowledge available at their fingertips, NRIs are cognizant of the Indian markets and are keenly following the growth trajectory, which can be seen in the recent upsurge in NRI investments in mutual funds. As Mutual Funds allow investors to select from a platter of equity, hybrid and debt funds as per their risk palate and investment objectives, along with higher returns, they have become the most popular investment choice amongst NRIs. In the upcoming period, with increased per-user SIP amounts from yesteryear, and Nifty and Sensex touching all-time highs, the number is likely to increase at an expedited rate.

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Beyond Conventional Investment Options- Tapping into New-Age Segments

Moving beyond the realms of standardised investment options, NRIs are looking forward to diversifying their financial portfolio by investing in upcoming and progressive sectors. Witnessing the innovative acumen and growth potential of Healthcare and Insurance, Fintech, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, IT services, R&D, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and many more sectors, NRIs are actively exploring them. Coinciding with the growth in technology funds in recent times, a surging number of NRIs are enquiring about the future trends in Healthcare, EV, Blockchain, etc and seeking investment vehicles with allocation in these areas.

Broader Investment Network- Penetrating into Tier2 & 3 Regions

In 2023, the investment ecosystem witnessed a new trend in the form of various states organising startup camps and fundraising events, which painted a favourable picture for development scope in different states across the country. Continuing with creating a broader network of investment in India, state and federal governments have laid out plans to enhance regional connectivity via road, airway and railway channels. Thus, with upgraded transportation infrastructure and improved energy supply, India’s investment landscape is offering lucrative opportunities as 2024 is poised to showcase greater investment penetration in various Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities.

2024: Prime NRI Investment Year

There is absolute certainty that 2024 will emerge as a pivotal year in shaping the NRI investment ecosystem. The confluence of assenting exchange rates, redefined regulatory framework, flexible government initiatives and upcoming business opportunities will attract boundless NRI-led investments as a testament to the growing interest and trust in the Indian economy. In 2024, NRIs will not merely be passive investors but will emerge as a frontline investment community, embracing a diversified investment journey that will delve into both conventional and the latest lucrative sectors.

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