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Swank Development has launched a branding OOH campaign during the first week of May 2024. The campaign utilizes hoarding and uni-poles OOH formats strategically placed across Dubai, aiming to grab the attention of potential luxury apartment buyers in Dubai. This OOH campaign follows the brand’s previous OOH activity in the UAE during February 2023.


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The visuals on the billboard itself are striking in their simplicity. A bold, white inscription of “SWANK” in Arabic and English dominates the display, accompanied with the website and the tool number below it. This creates a powerful brand statement while catering to the local Arabic-speaking audience. The backdrop features a serene blue gradient, possibly symbolizing the clear Dubai sky or the calming ocean views the apartments might offer. This combination of clean design and calming colors exudes an air of luxury and sophistication, perfectly aligning with the image Swank Development has cultivated for their high-end residences.


The strategic use of negative space and a calming color palette creates a billboard that is both visually appealing and informative, effectively targeting Swank Development’s ideal clientele.

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