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  • MANTRA Chain partners with MAG Group to tokenize $500 million in real estate assets.
  • Investors can expect up to 8% returns from stablecoins and additional benefits from OM tokens.

Blockchain platform MANTRA Chain has revealed a novel alliance with builder MAG Group, based in UAE. With this partnership, MAG’s real estate assets—worth $500 million—should be tokenized and provide a special investing possibility for both new and experienced investors.

Tokenization Plan and Investor Participation

MANTRA Chain intends to divide the significant $500 million tokenization into smaller pieces called “tranches,” thereby making it available.

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

This calculated strategy gives investors a flexible and appealing investment choice by allowing them to decide their degree of involvement. MANTRA Chain is opening new opportunities for investors by doing this, facilitating real estate market entry.

This creative approach helps investors get notable returns. With early projections of an 8% return from stablecoins, the possibility for appealing dividends is great.

Investors will also benefit from OM tokens, which are used in the return mechanism. The investment is more tempting with stablecoin yields and token perks.

MANTRA Recent Funding and Market Position

MANTRA Chain raised $11 million earlier this year to help realize their idea of blockchain integration of traditional assets. With this significant $500 million agreement with MAG Group, real estate investing’s transforming power of blockchain technology is highlighted.

Meanwhile, MANTRA’s native token, OM, is valued at roughly $0.7805 at the time of writing, which reflects a 5.48% growth over the last 24 hours and a 7.02% bullish posture over the past seven days.

This good performance emphasizes investor confidence and the rising interest in real estate investments based on blockchain technologies even more.

On the other hand, concurrent with this is a clear Middle Eastern acceptance of blockchain technologies. Especially, the Cardano Foundation has teamed with the Dubai Police to present blockchain initiatives during the World Police Summit, as Crypto News Flash earlier indicated.

This project intends to distribute safe criminal investigation data, therefore illustrating the possibilities of blockchain in many different fields outside real estate.

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