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Latino investors have significantly increased their presence in the Miami real estate market, indicating a substantial outflow of capital from Latin America to Florida. Bloomberg Línea consulted a report from The Miami Association of Realtors (Miami Realtors), which noted that real estate sales to foreign investors slightly declined over the past year, but Latinos accounted for one-third of property purchases.

“The legal security in the United States is unparalleled. The issue of rentals and property stability attracts a lot of international investors, especially compared to Latin American markets,” commented Geovanny Reza, commercial manager of Real Estate Investments by Borrero Corp.

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Colombian and Argentinian entrepreneurs and investors are the leading buyers of homes in Miami, representing 15% and 14% of total purchases, respectively. Other noteworthy buyers include Brazilians (7%), Venezuelans (5%), and Mexicans (5%).

Nationality Participation (%)
Colombians 15%
Argentinians 14%
Brazilians 7%
Venezuelans 6%
Canadians 6%
Mexicans 5%
Peruvians 5%
Ecuadorians 5%
Chileans 4%
French 3%

Properties in Miami vary widely in price and type, ranging from modest apartments to luxurious condos and homes in exclusive areas. While investments can start at $340,000, the general landscape indicates that apartments typically begin at $500,000 and houses in residential areas range from $700,000 to several million dollars.

Nationality Average Price (US$)
Brazilians 1,000,000
Venezuelans 521,000
Colombians 446,800
Canadians 437,700
Argentinians 340,400

For many Latin investors, purchasing properties in Miami not only represents portfolio diversification but also protection against political and economic instability in their home countries. “Latin America is shifting to the left, which creates uncertainty. People are looking to protect their assets in more stable and nearby markets like Miami, a city with a similar language and convenient proximity,” explained Reza.

Jorge Vargas, founding partner of Tobon Group, Cervera Real Estate, noted that Latinos prefer pre-construction projects and luxury condos already built in central areas with access to services and entertainment. The most sought-after areas include Brickell, Downtown Miami, Bal Harbour, and Sunny Isles, known for their high demand and infrastructure. Emerging zones like Wynwood and Edgewater also attract investments due to urban renewal projects.

A notable trend among Latin investors is the acquisition of properties for short-term rentals, popularized by platforms like Airbnb. The Miami Realtors study revealed that 71% of foreign investors do not use the properties for full-time living but rather rent them out during high seasons or vacations. This also aligns with Miami’s consolidation as one of the top tourist destinations in the United States.

“The preference for short-term rentals is due to the pursuit of high and quick returns. Additionally, new properties are more profitable and cheaper than used ones, which differs from local markets in Latin America,” added Reza.

The Florida real estate market continues to attract Latin investors seeking stability, diversification, and profitability, solidifying its position as a key destination for real estate investment.

Key Insights on Latino Investors in Miami Real Estate

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the growing trend of Latino investors in the Miami real estate market.

Why are Latino investors increasingly buying properties in Miami?

Latino investors are drawn to Miami due to its legal security, property stability, and the potential for high returns, particularly compared to more volatile Latin American markets.

Which nationalities dominate the Miami real estate market among Latin investors?

Colombians and Argentinians are the leading buyers, accounting for 15% and 14% of total purchases, respectively. Brazilians, Venezuelans, and Mexicans also play significant roles.

What types of properties are most popular among Latin investors in Miami?

Latin investors favor pre-construction projects and luxury condos in central areas with access to services and entertainment. They are also interested in short-term rental properties.

How do short-term rentals impact the Miami real estate market?

Short-term rentals, popularized by platforms like Airbnb, are highly sought after by Latin investors for their high and quick returns. This trend has further solidified Miami’s status as a prime tourist destination.

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