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DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2024 / Infinite Inspire Real Estate LLC, a brand-new real estate company, is set to launch in Dubai by the end of August. Green Aventurine Holdings has launched yet another exciting start-up. The company’s founders, HH Shaikha Jawaher Khalifa Al Khalifa and Shahzad Faisal, along with Ms Jaya Tekwani, are thrilled with the opportunity to join the bustling Dubai real estate market.

Real Estate Market in Dubai: Opportunities and Insights:

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

There is no doubt that Dubai is a city on the rise. Dubai’s real estate market is booming because of its breathtaking skyline, luxurious lifestyle, and bustling economy. The city offers endless opportunities for both investors and homeowners. People from all corners of the globe are eager to invest in or buy real estate in Dubai because of its cutting-edge infrastructure, top-of-the-line amenities, and tax-free environment.

In a recent publication, “Foreign Investment in the Dubai Housing Market, 2020-2024,” some fascinating insights are provided. About 43% of the total value of residential property in Dubai is owned by foreigners. The value of foreign-owned residential real estate surged by approximately $23 billion between 2020 and early 2022. One notable trend is the significant growth in Russian investment in Dubai properties following the invasion of Ukraine. According to estimates, Russians have spent $2.4 billion on existing properties and $3.9 billion on new developments.

Meet the Team: Visionaries and Leaders

Green Aventurine Holdings’ founders, HH Shaikha Jawaher Khalifa Al Khalifa and Shahzad Faisal, are the visionaries behind Infinite Inspire Real Estate LLC. With a strong reputation for creating successful start-ups across several industries, their expertise now focuses on Dubai’s real estate market.

Jaya Tekwani, a seasoned real estate expert with over a decade of experience in the local market in Dubai, joins the team. She will lead the company’s sales team and manage operations to ensure its clients receive top-notch service. With her extensive knowledge and understanding of Dubai’s real estate landscape, she is a perfect leader for the company.

Formal Launch Event

The official launch of Infinite Inspire Real Estate LLC will be a grand event held at the end of August. Many distinguished guests, including members of the Royal Family, will attend the event. The celebration marks the beginning of a new chapter in Dubai’s real estate market, as Infinite Inspire Real Estate LLC strives to set new standards.

About Infinite Inspire Real Estate LLC

Infinite Inspire Real Estate LLC offers a wide range of real estate services in Dubai, including buying, selling, and renting properties. A company aims to provide clients with personalized solutions that meet their unique needs. With a commitment to excellence and a customer-first approach, Infinite Inspire Real Estate LLC hopes to become a leading player in Dubai’s real estate market.

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