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The report, Dubai Leaks, have uncovered that Indian nationals lead the pack in foreign property investments in Dubai. Based on a meticulous investigation, it reveals that nearly 29,700 Indians own an astounding 35,000 properties, valued at a staggering $17 billion. This makes Indian citizens the largest foreign property holders in the UAE’s premier real estate market.

Among the notable figures are associates of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, including prominent business magnates like Gautam Adani’s brother and Mukesh Ambani. These individuals, known for their substantial influence and wealth, have significantly contributed to Dubai’s status as a global investment hub.

The properties range from luxurious residences to commercial spaces such as offices, shopping malls, and factories. The influx of Indian investment underscores Dubai’s appeal as a secure and profitable destination for real estate investment, driven by its modern infrastructure and favorable economic policies.

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Interestingly, the report highlights that many of these investments come from industrialists. However, politicians, bureaucrats, and entertainment personalities are also among the investors, reflecting a broad spectrum of Indian society’s elite.

Dubai’s transformation into a cosmopolitan metropolis is heavily backed by foreign investments, particularly from Asia. This phenomenon not only underscores the city’s global economic significance but also raises questions about the economic dynamics within these investor countries.

As Dubai continues to grow, the role of foreign investment, particularly from India, will remain a crucial factor in shaping its skyline and economic landscape.

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