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This once-stately house at 2475 Glendower Place in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Feliz has long held a haunting presence in the real estate market.

Despite its grandeur, the property, boasting five bedrooms and spread over 5,000 square feet, has failed to find permanent residents in 60 years due to its sordid history and bad vibes for anyone who dares to call it home, The Post has learned.

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Changing hands repeatedly over several decades, each new owner has left the property vacant, unable to shake off the shadows of its past.

So what really makes this home so notorious? Its infamy dates to a gruesome 1959 murder in which a husband brutally beat his wife to death with a ball-peen hammer while she slept.

Anyone who has lived in or owned this Los Angeles mansion has faced some degree of misfortune. TheMLSCLAW

Built in 1925, this was initially home to Harold and Florence Schumacher, who passed away within weeks of each other in 1928.

Subsequent owners met similar fates two years later when magazine editor Welford Beaton and his son Donald moved in. At just 21 years old, Donald had died from an infection; Welford succumbed to financial ruin and bankruptcy a year later.

The home has since decayed over the years after being left vacant. TheMLSCLAW

The property’s darkest chapter unfolded in 1959, when physician Harold Perelson, his wife Lillian and their three children — Judy, Joel and Debbie — moved in.

Financial struggles plagued the family, with Harold’s medical practice drowning in debt, which culminated in a violent outburst.

Perelson brutally murdered his wife, Lillian, only then attempting to attack 18-year-old Judy while she slept.

Judy’s screams woke her younger sister, Debbie, who later told police that her father assured her, “Go back to bed, baby — this is just a nightmare.” Her brother awoke, distracting Harold, and giving Judy just enough time to escape.

The home holds five bedrooms and four baths. TheMLSCLAW

Harold then took his own life by overdosing on pentobarbital tablets. Judy survived the attack.

The home remained cursed, earning the moniker “Los Feliz Murder Mansion” in the media.

Despite changing hands multiple times, the house has remained vacant for more than six decades, falling into a state of disrepair.

And it appears that despite having never lived there, any owner of the property ultimately had to battle their own misfortunes.

The infamous Perelson murders was covered by the Los Angeles Times on Dec. 5, 1959. LA Times
Harold Perelson with his wife and three children.

Even high-profile buyers like attorney Lisa Bloom failed to break the curse, with renovation plans stalling due to permitting issues.

Bloom purchased the home in 2016 for $2.28 million, records show.

It was last sold in 2020 by Bloom for $2.35 million to an LLC represented by Luxmanor Custom Home Builders CEO Ephi Zlotnitsky, who did not respond to a request for comment.

Not only did Bloom, the daughter of Gloria Allred, lose out on money following extensive renovations two years after purchasing the estate, but she also became embroiled in controversy for representing convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein, which tainted her reputation.

Attorney Lisa Bloom. REUTERS

Despite promises of transformation, including plans by architect Richard Landry, the mansion failed to attract buyers and was pulled off the market in 2022.

The current owner, Zlotnitsky, is now facing foreclosure after he defaulted on $3.19 million following accrued interest, records obtained by The Post show.

Last month, the home was put on notice that it would be heading to the auction block and “sold as is” with all proceeds going to the bank.

In recent years, the mansion has gained renewed interest, including a feature on the Netflix series “Buying Beverly Hills.”

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