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Published: Sun 12 May 2024, 5:21 PM

Last updated: Sun 12 May 2024, 10:06 PM

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Andalusia Courtyard, a real estate development company, honoured a number of its labour force who participated in the accomplishment of the first stage of its project, Maya Townhouse, within a record time.

This came in the context of the company’s focus onsite workers and their hard work to make this project happen. The company honoured a team from Dubai Municipality as well.

The honouring took place in an event which was hosted in Dubai by Andalusia Courtyard, with the presence of the parties who co-operated in completing the Maya Townhouse project, particularly the Al Wathba Building Contracting Company.

Saleh Tabakh, founder and CEO of Andalusia Courtyard, stressed the significance of CSR adoption for real estate companies in Dubai, as a way to boost the efficiency of workers and strengthen their engagement. “We realize our responsibility towards our society, including all its categories, e.g., staff, clients, and all the relevant parties within our integrated business system. In this context, we aim to pursue our endeavour, which is to strengthen our positive social impact and implement the sustainability concept in all our existing and prospective projects”, Tabakh said.

He highlighted the interest on the part of Andalusia Courtyard in rewarding its labour force. “Site workers are the moving force of the economy and real heroes behind the success of the real estate market,” he told.

“Dubai attracts large numbers of talented workforce due to its opportunities and demand for a talented labour force. The regulations in UAE offer a safe environment for the workers and protect their rights, which play a major role in attracting manpower from all over the world,” Tabakh added.

After successfully completing the first stage of Maya Townhouse project within a record 12 months, Andalusia Courtyard launched the second stage of the project in October 2023, with areas from 2,900 to 3,900 square feet for each townhouse. “Through this project, we intend to provide the biggest sizes for the category of 3-bedroom townhouse. Moreover, we offered a product of low stock in the market, which is the 5-bedroom townhouse with a net size of 3900 square feet, vast gardens and high-quality finishing,” Tabakh noted.

Tabakh also underscored that Dubai’s real estate market is not only enjoying a boom in recent times, but has also continuously surpassed many major counterparts all over the world regarding the return on real estate investment, an advantage which entices developers to launch new projects to take advantage of the robust demand within the market.

Engineer Mohammad Abu Oleiqa, the CEO of Al Wathba Building Contracting Company, said that Dubai’s real estate currently witnesses an unprecedented boom amidst a remarkable pickup in all industries which are related to the building and construction sector, a matter which stimulated the contracting companies to select the project of higher profitability.

Abu Oleiqa disclosed that some companies now reject to carry out projects due to the abundance in the market, while the small and medium companies in the past were seeking any opportunity and striving to snatch any share from the big companies, a fact that underscores the huge investment opportunities that Dubai’s real estate market currently offers.

He concluded by stating that the contracting companies currently witness the brightest eras of urban renaissance in Dubai, as there are new real estate developers in the market, as well as abundant residential projects and a rally which may persist in the market for several years, thanks to the prudent strategic planning from the part of Dubai Government.

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