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Dubai Land Department (DLD) launches an AI-powered tool revolutionising property valuation in the UAE.

In collaboration with Bayut the AI-powered tool branded ‘TruEstimate™’, aims to equip users with data-driven insights into the real estate market.

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

Set up to enhance transparency and trust in Dubai’s real estate market, supporting stakeholders in making informed decisions and optimising investment strategies by integrating Bayut’s extensive data with DLD’s robust property databases.

TruEstimate™ underscores the synergy between private and public sectors in advancing market innovation and user experience in real estate.

To learn about the estimated property value, rental yield, property history, and comparisons with similar properties, users can input their property details – such as Title Deed, Oqood Contract, Unit Number, or DEWA Number — into the platform, which will then generate a detailed report.

This partnership supports Dubai’s ‘Services 360’ policy, aiming to streamline service delivery by integrating data systems across government entities, reducing customer data requirements, and facilitating seamless access to services.

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