House For Sale In Istanbul – Zobuz

Istanbul, a city that uniquely bridges Asia and Europe, is a melting pot of cultures, histories, and architectural styles. This diversity is mirrored in its housing market, especially for those looking for houses for sale. Whether you’re attracted to the historical charm of the European side or the more serene and green landscapes of the […]

The Shadow of Sanctions in Istanbul’s Housing Market — Bourse & Bazaar Foundation – Bourse & Bazaar

For Russians and Iranians, sanctions and growing fear of instability were push factors. Meanwhile, the Turkish government’s deliberate courting of the fleeing capital pulled investors to Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara. The physical proximity of Türkiye to Russia and Iran make its cities attractive destinations. More importantly, the Turkish government is under no threat of being […]

Pace of rent increase slows in Turkish cities, including Istanbul – Latest News – Hurriyet Daily News

ISTANBUL New data suggest that the outlook in the housing market may be changing in favor of tenants and potential homebuyers as the pace of rise in rents and home prices slows down across Türkiye, including the country’s three largest cities. In some provinces, rents reversed course and started declining, even though the drop is […]

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