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The landlubbing residential real estate market has some nautical competition. 

For those looking to avoid Boston’s sky-high housing prices, this vessel could be a relatively budget-friendly alternative for those ready to buy a home. 

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Located in the city’s Charlestown Marina, this houseboat is seeking a new captain to the tune of $299,000. 

Listed as a studio apartment with 500 square feet of living space, the houseboat offers both “the comforts of home [and] the tranquility and freedom of being on the water,” listing agent, Coldwell Banker Realty’s Sarah Fillmann, told The Post. 

As well, it serves as a way “to better utilize the Boston waterfront while also providing an affordable housing option,” and an opportunity to develop “a sense of community amongst marina neighbors.” 

The vessel is listed as a studio. Robert Brown with Generating Media
The roof deck. Robert Brown with Generating Media
The boat is docked in the city’s Charlestown Marina. Robert Brown with Generating Media
The bedroom. Robert Brown with Generating Media

Noted amenities include panoramic water views, the perch in a “picturesque marina,” a “front-row seat to breathtaking sunrises and sunsets,” a “private rooftop haven” in the form of a top deck and, of course, the ability to float.

Additionally, there’s a covered ground-level deck with a solid amount of storage space. 

Inside, the layout is open-concept, with the living, dining, sleeping and kitchen areas all within leaping distance from one another. 

The kitchen area. Robert Brown with Generating Media
The bathroom. Robert Brown with Generating Media
The bathroom from another angle. Robert Brown with Generating Media

There’s space for a king-size bed and the windowed bathroom offers just enough room for a toilet, a shower and a sink.

Seeing as the median listing home price in Boston was, as of this past October, $969,900 according to Realtor.com, the houseboat is enticing.

Indeed, across America’s pricier real estate markets, residents have recently taken to the high seas in their search for an affordable home. Google searches for “how to live on a boat” increased by more than 70% in the past year, The Post previously reported.

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