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VTP Realty, Pune’s top real estate developer and ranked in the top 10 in India (for sales revenue & square feet being constructed), has made a significant impact on Pune’s real estate landscape over the years. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Sachin Bhandari, the executive director and CEO of VTP Realty, the company has experienced exponential growth and transformation. An astounding journey from 90 crores to 4000 crores in less than 8 years of his astute leadership.

While the company started operations in 2009, the real transformation began from 2015-16. With a professional team and a CEO at the helm, VTP Realty focused on a clear mission – “to become a leader in the real estate industry and to establish a strong team that will consistently work towards delivering unparalleled product quality with meticulous attention to detail in their processes.” While this mission remains at the core of their operations, the company’s commitment to deliver residential and commercial spaces that surpass customer expectations has been the driving force behind its growth. The company that is today a strong household brand name operates as a product company with the mindset of the service industry. 

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
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VTP Realty boasts a portfolio of remarkable projects that exemplify their commitment to quality and innovation that have been shining examples of progress and modernity in the Pune city skyline. The brand was a dominant player in the upper mid-segment, however, with the astounding success we have received from our customers, the brand recently introduced 2 product lines: VTP Luxe and VTP Homes. VTP Luxe sets the benchmark for luxury in the real estate sector, attracting customers who desire exclusivity, craftsmanship, and top-notch living spaces. On the other hand, VTP Homes caters to a broader clientele seeking an aspirational lifestyle with a focus on maximum family-centric amenities. Both product lines will continue to have the hallmark MLA Design (Maximum Liveable Area) which ensures efficiency of the design with the perfectly thoughtful space planning within an apartment, high build quality, and best-in-class fittings and finishes. Both brands carry the flagship hallmark of VTP Realty and between them, cover a wide spectrum of customer preferences, thus reinforcing their commitment to delivering excellence in lifestyle design. 

“Today, the customer is evolving faster than ever. Post the pandemic, we have seen the trend of offtake shooting up in the larger-sized homes category. But apart from the size we have also seen demand for global standard amenities with 24/7 access for example!  Also, customers have a keen sense of design and they are willing to pay the extra buck for a well-designed home. We aim to be the first choice in both the segments, thus increasing our market share over the competition,” opines Mr. Bhandari. 

VTP Realty has built a culture of dynamism and agility. Aggression, fast-paced delivery, and prompt action values mirrored by our executive director and CEO whose visionary leadership style is at the core of VTP Realty’s success. His innovative strategies, forward-thinking approach, and sharp business acumen have fuelled VTP Realty to navigate evolving market dynamics with agility. Mr. Sachin Bhandari’s unwavering focus on not only leading the brand to leadership but also establishing pioneering benchmarks for the entire industry to uphold. He has been a strong evangelist of transparent transactions, fixed pricing, minimal wastage design, etc which are path-breaking concepts in real estate. Mr. Bhandari, who is an ex-banker, believes that real estate as a category must go back to the basics and get the fundamentals correct. “Designing a home should be pivoted around the customers and their lifestyle. A lot of research and study of their behaviors, spending habits, family values, etc is imperative to be able to design the perfect home. As our tagline goes, brand VTP is all about the World of Thoughtfulness!” he goes on to add. 

The journey of VTP Realty to become the numerouno real estate brand in Pune for 5 years in a row is a testament to the company’s values-driven business framework, rooted in a commitment to quality and customer delight. With over 23 projects already delivered and a total of 30 million sq. ft. of development currently under construction, the brand is well-positioned to take a leap to much higher business numbers by expanding in cities other than Pune. 

Website: www.vtprealty.in

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