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In the words of young folks, things just went from worse to worser! 

In this scenario, Canadians are feeling the pinch of inflation and it’s all anyone can really talk about, no matter how much we sound like broken records.  

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One TikTok user is in the same boat and feels like people are getting kicked when they’re down thanks to the rising cost of groceries, car insurance, home insurance and so much more.  

Toronto realtor Danielle Levy (levy.realestategroup) has taken to the internet multiple times to freely rant about all things money, real estate, government and healthcare.

Levy prefaces by saying that she is very thankful for her life and that she recognizes the privilege she has compared to many people suffering in the world right now. 

However, she believes she has the right to speak openly on how Canadians are secretly feeling.    

She first touches on how soaring auto theft and home break-ins have resulted in insurance costs skyrocketing.. 

“And then on top of that we pay our taxes and get absolutely nothing out of it,”  Levy said.

“[When] people call the police it takes them 11 minutes to pick up the phone and then it takes them another 15 minutes to get to the place,” she continued.

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“Then we look at our healthcare system. I have to book an appointment with my doctor three weeks in advance, but what if I get sick the day before?”

“Then we have our housing market, nothing is affordable. Landlords are declining everyone because they only make $60-80K. The quality of life in Canada has gone down so much in the last six years.” 

And people agree.

“This country is falling apart. There’s no more freedom. Everyone is working just to survive and everyone is miserable,” one user wrote.

“Every single system is flawed in Canada and it’s so sad this used to be the best country in the world now everything is backwards,” someone else said.

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And the cost of food is no exception. Levy responded to one user who shared that celery they bought was $8, to which she shared a story of her own where non-organic raspberries were selling for $10.  

Right now, a Canadian family of four is expected to spend nearly $16,300 on food in 2024, more than $700 from last year, according to a new report.

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