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Tal Alexander, who rose to fame in the luxury housing market with his younger brother Oren, will take a leave from the firm he helped to create. Oren left earlier in June.

Tal Alexander, whose portfolio of luxury real estate transactions includes some of New York and Miami’s most eye-popping sales, is stepping down from the high-end brokerage he co-founded in the wake of mounting allegations of sexual assault.

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His exit from Official comes two weeks after Oren Alexander, his younger brother, also stepped down in the face of assault allegations.

The decision to part ways with Tal, said Nicole Oge, one of Official’s five co-founders, was mutual, as it also was with Oren.

“I think Tal and Oren understand that their priority is focusing on the task at hand for them, which is different from mine. Mine is focused on our business,” she said.

Earlier this month, two women alleged that Oren sexually assaulted them more than a decade ago. Oren’s identical twin brother, Alon, an executive in a private security firm, is also named as a defendant in both of those complaints.

In one lawsuit, a woman says she was assaulted at a party mansion in the Hamptons. In another complaint, a woman says she was drugged and then assaulted in Manhattan. In a third lawsuit filed last week, a woman says that she was sexually assaulted by Tal and Alon, and that Oren watched.

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