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Despite economic and global challenges, Canadians still turn to real estate investing as a way to build extra income and generational wealth, a survey by Valour Group, District REIT and Pro Funds Mortgages found.

Outlook for the year

The survey findings show a thriving Canadian real estate investor landscape, with this year’s outlook being positive.

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

Getting into 2024, 82 per cent of respondents are optimistic or selective in approach and 18 per cent are passive. About 6 per cent of investors don’t plan on reinvesting, and 69 per cent plan to immediately reinvest their deployed real estate-related capital upon maturity.

Key survey highlights

Source: 2024 Real Estate Investor Outlook Report

Over 75 per cent of real estate investors own property in addition to their primary residence. When it comes to making real estate or publicly traded stock investments, 87 per cent of respondents were more comfortable with real estate investing.

Canadians understand the need for affordable housing in the country and are hoping to capitalize in this area. The most sought-after real estate investment is purpose-built rentals, with 73 per cent showing interest, followed by single-family homes at 50 per cent and condominiums at 42 per cent.

And, despite a slower 2023, 62 per cent of respondents show increased interest in Canadian real estate markets with 23 per cent showing less interest in real estate overall.

In terms of real estate investment preferences, about 80 per cent prefer passive investments like private mortgage lending, real estate-focused equity or acquisition funds, and 19 per cent prefer active property ownership.

The report notes that Canada will continue to welcome more immigrants over the coming years, and investors are expected to play an important role in supplying funding for needed housing. It also notes the importance of expert advice to successfully navigate the dynamic real estate investment landscape.

Read the full report here.

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