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Every week, we post all the South Shore real estate sales in an easy to read town-by-town list. Be a nosy neighbor. Be smart about your biggest investment. Or just enjoy perusing. (Did you miss last week’s that includes a home built for a Mass Audubon Society founder? It wows. It should for nearly $7M. How about a $2M condo at Marina Bay? Check them out in this story.)

Newly released data for July shows that potential buyers and sellers in Norfolk County saw houses sell for higher than the previous month’s median sale price of $675,000. Read the full story here.

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Homes listed for sale in Norfolk County had a median asking price of $869,450 in October, down 3.3% from the previous month’s $899,000, an analysis of data from shows. Read the full story here.

The real estate market is still red hot. We have your guide to the South Shore, Massachusetts sales, provided by The Warren Group. And, click on the links below to see inside the homes. We have the scoop on what sold and for how much. Every week, we post these transactions for you and give you the five most expensive sales on the South Shore.

(ICYMI: Once dilapidated, this historic Milton home is completely restored, listed for $8.9M. The home was called Applecroft because apple orchards grew on the property.)

Top 5 home sales for the South Shore, Massachusetts, for Oct. 16-20, 2023

$2,000,000, 616 Hatherly Road, Scituate, Stephen A. and Wendy S. Oleksiak to Soule Rt and Maura K. Soule, Oct. 20, 2023, single famiy.

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$1,915,000, 79 Linden Drive, Cohasset, Hilltop Prop Group LLC to Charles A Briggs RET and Charlene A. Briggs, Oct. 16, 2023, single family.

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3. Wendy Drive, Scituate

$1,840,000, 2 Wendy Drive Unit 2, Scituate, Michael J. and Heather M. Vaughan to Sharon Tuckwell Oct. 20, 2023, condo.

4. Keene Street, Duxbury

$1,806,000, 675 Keene St., Duxbury, Gallagher Homes LLC to Chris and Sara Barry, Oct. 17, 2023, single family.

$1,665,000, 100 School St., Milton, Dean J. and Joan C. Lynch to Areti Sakellaris, Oct. 19, 2023, single family.

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South Shore, Massachusetts, real estate sales for Oct. 16-20, 2023


618 Washington St., Andrew A. and Rebecca S. Gulinello to Elijah and Leah Crist, $735,000, Oct. 20, single family.

235 Chestnut St. Unit 235, Kevin P. Mcdermott and Jenna Lavery to Bijay Maharjan and Madhavi Shrestha, $640,000, Oct. 17, condo.


100 Oak St., Michael Parsons to Christopher and Angela Leahy, $1,110,000, Oct. 18, single family.

353 Commercial St., Matthew R. and Tara J. Willis to Miguel Mariscal and Peng Shi, $565,000, Oct. 18, single family.

501 Commerce Drive Unit 3104, Naveen K. Jemmalla and Priyanka G. Bhakthula to Arthur M. Morgan, $425,000, Oct. 20, condo.

871-873 Washington St., Topliff Realty Limited Liability Co. to 871 Group Limited Liability Co., $1,250,000, Oct. 20.

16 Logan Drive, Geraldine Cardillo Lt and Stephen G. Cardillo to Rita Andler and Stacie Tatum, $850,000, Oct. 19, single family.

285 Franklin St., Buglio James Est and Lynne Rogers to 285 Franklin Street Limited Liability Co., $360,000, Oct. 16, single family.

36 Nickerson Road, Jeffrey W. and Barbara Browne to Ashley Austin and Collin Canty, $635,000, Oct. 17, single family.

3 Cain Ave., Sprague-Bosworth 208 T. and Barbara J. Bosworth to David Nguyen and Lan Ha, $620,000, Oct. 16, single family.

41 Spring St., Mary A. Lombardi T. and Martin G. Mcdonough to John J. and Marybeth Mcdonough, $760,000, Oct. 19, single family.

35 Lisle St., Duong-Lam Realty Trust and Hank Duong to Irene W. Zhu and George K. Lau, $700,000, Oct. 16, single family.


18 Brooksweld Road, Robert H. Priest and Elisa G. Blanchard to Nochard and Berlinda Bernard, $726,000, Oct. 16, single family.

125 Revere St. Unit D., Maxine Heard to David Leonard, $510,000, Oct. 17, condo.

37 Evergreen Circle Unit 37, Martin S. Dennis Jr. and Kelly Macarthy to Susan M. and Paul M. Sousa, $571,500, Oct. 16, condo.

21 Birchcroft Road, Audrey L. Quigley Family Trust and Lorraine C. Mulry to Jennifer Finneran and Matthew Blinstrub, $632,000, Oct. 16, single family.

50 Coppersmith Way Unit 112, Canton Copperworks Limited Liability Co. to Brian and Susan Greeley, $732,541, Oct. 20, condo.

9 Bay Drive, Breit Mf Blue Hills Limited Liability Co. to Sva Prynne Limited Liability Co., $143,500,000, Oct. 18.

225 High St., High Street Crossing Limited Liability Co. to Jin L. Yu and Ken Chen, $1,180,000, Oct. 20, single family.

25 Linden Glen Road, Laura H. Gray Trust-2013 and Laura H. Gray to Catherine and Martin Kamandu, $1,408,000, Oct. 20, single family.

5 Oxbow Road, Cocca Family Trust and Thomas M. Cocca to Andrew J. Moylan and Laura Bojko, $945,000, Oct. 20, single family.

50 Coppersmith Way Unit 103, Canton Copperworks Limited Liability Co. to Catherine E. Lynch, $535,635, Oct. 20, condo.

45 Will Drive Unit 91, Bloechl Jean M. E. Est and Robert F. Conard Jr. to William and Waraphon Conard, $209,625, Oct. 18, condo.


21 Crystal Lake Drive, Southcoast Prop Buyers LL to Rhiannon Murray and Camden Mcgorthy, $361,000, Oct. 16, single family.


79 Linden Drive, Hilltop Prop Group Limited Liability Co. to Charles A. Briggs RET and Charlene A. Briggs, $1,915,000, Oct. 16, single family.


31 Trout Farm Lane Unit 31, Kevin E. Roberts to Gail Monahan and Thomas W. Kent, $425,000, Oct. 16, condo.

675 Keene St., Gallagher Homes Limited Liability Co. to Chris and Sara Barry, $1,806,000, Oct. 17.

52 Strawberry Lane, Karlo A. and Dora L. Bustos to Michael and Catherine M. Dempsey, $1,025,000, Oct. 20, single family.

84 Duck Hill Road, George P. and Nicole L. Fraser to John F. and Adrianna D. Ransom 3rd, $1,185,000, Oct. 16, single family.

10 Highland Trail, Kevin and Alexis Bancroft to Kevin Bancroft and Michael Donahue, $1,005,000, Oct. 19, single family.

4 Colonial Drive, Christine Brennan to Stephen Primiano and Lauren Newton, $900,000, Oct. 20, single family.

35 Cushing Drive, Ejp Ice House Limited Liability Co. to David W. and Nicole M. Stobart, $234,661, Oct. 16.


413 Plymouth St., Allied Realty Trust and Daniel B. Sennet to Sullivan Realty Limited Liability Co., $590,000, Oct. 18.

413 Plymouth St., Halifax Town Of to Allied Realty Trust and Daniel B. Sennet, $10,000, Oct. 18.


108 Pleasantwoods Lane, Eric M. and Lori A. Wirtz to Kevin P. Mcdermott and Jenna M. Lavery-Mcdermott, $1,275,000, Oct. 18, single family.

171 River Road, Chadwick A. and Courtnie V. Graybill to Jason and Mandy Oberton, $1,500,000, Oct. 19, single family.


41 King St., One Mortgage Loan T. and Wells Fargo Bank N. A. Tr to Psa Property Limited Liability Co., $447,825, Oct. 16, single family.


11 Bank Ave., Jmgh Hingham Limited Liability Co. to William B. and Elena D. Olin, $133,000, Oct. 18.

25 Mann St., Elizabeth M. Claypoole to David and Cynthia Leduc, $1,600,000, Oct. 19, single family.

9 Bank Ave., Jmgh Hingham Limited Liability Co. to William B. and Elena D. Olin, $133,000, Oct. 18.


430 Weymouth St., Jonathan P. Roland to Danny Harris and Gina M. Ford, $620,000, Oct. 16, single family.

77 Border Road, Judith M. Davidson to Fang Lin, $505,000, Oct. 20, single family.

214 Pine St., Mccormack Alice M. Est and Kathryn A. Bolstad to Patrick Reilly and Lin Zhu, $565,000, Oct. 18, single family.


20 Rockland House Road Unit 101, Mary Zhang and Charles Cao to Cheryl Cordaro, $375,000, Oct. 16, condo.

45 Newport Road, Iheartmedia & Entertainme to Vertical Brg Towers IV LL, $599,200, Oct. 20.

836 Nantasket Ave. Unit 8, Donna C. Magnusson to Janet R. Hamly-Ott, $330,000, Oct. 20, condo.

83 Kenberma St., Cindy M. Whelan and David A. Johnson to Kimberly R. Striglio and Trevor Sullivan, $482,500, Oct. 18, single family.


8 Saint Francis Ave., Robert A. Short to Zachary D. and Katelyn A. Botelho, $435,000, Oct. 18, single family.

1 Alden St., Kimberly A. Nawoichik to Kevin R. Nagle, $550,000, Oct. 16, single family.

32 Longwood Circle, Meredith A. Luque and Bank Of New York to Longwood Limited Liability Co., $487,000, Oct. 19, single family.


104 Webster Ave., Jenna Ulmer to Michael J. and Nancy C. Callahan, $600,000, Oct. 16, single family.

25 Damons Point Circle, Mark F. and Donna L. Mcdonough to Marilyn A. White, $430,000, Oct. 17, single family.

737 Forest St., Mary L. Spignese to Diana J. Gazzolo, $680,000, Oct. 20, single family.

6 Progress Way, VRT Corp. to Peoples Storage Limited Liability Co., $1,045,000, Oct. 19.

35 Texas St., Joan Younker to Robert H. Priest, $569,000, Oct. 19, single family.

175 Commerce Way, VRT Corp. to 175 Commerce Way Limited Liability Co., $520,000, Oct. 18.

673 S. River St., Stanford D. and Geraldine R. Tappan to Eric and Jenna Ulmer, $1,000,000, Oct. 16, single family.

79 Arlington St., Ofuokwu (irrevocable trust) and Sharon Mendes to Blair J. Duncan, $450,000, Oct. 16, single family.

25 Eustis St., Erin Rorke to Argo Fy Limited Liability Co., $510,000, Oct. 17, single family.

359 Spring St., Doreen C. Teodorson RET and Doreen C. Teodorson to Frederick Marks Jr. and Christina Winn, $830,000, Oct. 20, single family.

63 Ashburton Ave., Laura A. and Celeste E. Robin-Verville to Jeffrey S. and Susan E. Winsper, $1,300,000, Oct. 19, single family.

67 Gilbert St., Debassio Family Trust and William A. Debassio to William A. Debassio RET and William A. Debassio, $950,000, Oct. 17, single family.


100 School St., Dean J. and Joan C. Lynch to Areti Sakellaris, $1,665,000, Oct. 19, single family.

37 Hollingsworth Road, Peter and Daniel Liboissonnault to Nnenna N. Iwunze, $810,000, Oct. 16, single family.

120 Whittier Road, John K. Talbot to David and Nur Nicholson, $1,600,000, Oct. 20, single family.

37 Revere St., Kristen A. Angelone to Kathryn Lange, $620,000, Oct. 20, single family.


120 Pleasant St., Judith A. Stowell to Sean and Heather Courage, $430,000, Oct. 18, single family.


7 Tadpole Way, Martin Kamandu to Matthew R. and Patricia M. Spinetti, $835,000, Oct. 19, single family.

18 Sky Reach, Jeanne A. Lesperance to Gary & Sylvia Gates RET and Gary J. Gates, $725,000, Oct. 20, single family.

56 Stillwater Drive, Marcia A. Marshall to Michelle F. Guiney and Scott Mcnaughton, $635,000, Oct. 20, single family.

20 Snapping Bow, Gerald W. and Jo A. Hussey 2nd to Curtis C. and Marybeth Wyrtzen 3rd, $995,000, Oct. 20, single family.

15 Greenside Way N., Christopher and Mercedes Tocci to Edward V. and Jeanne M. Mccarthy Jr., $550,000, Oct. 20, single family.

35 Justine Road, Lsf9 Master Part T. and United States Bk T. N. A. Tr to Brooke C. Fisher, $510,000, Oct. 16, single family.

68 Lafayette Road, Adam C. and Christina L. Ferrucci to Noah and Megan D. Mcclanan, $600,000, Oct. 16, single family.

16 Meadowbrook Drive, Whitman Homes Inc. to Anne Danforth-Ruscansky and Robert G. Ruscansky, $697,716, Oct. 20.

220 Manomet Point Road, Raymond K. and Laurie J. Oldham to 220 Manomet Point Limited Liability Co., $900,000, Oct. 16, single family.

17 Fresh Pond Circle, Louise Thomas and Us Bank Na Tr to Narciso P. Pires, $343,000, Oct. 17, single family.

3 Pinchion Vale Unit 3, Ruth Lombard (irrevocable trust) and Elizabeth L. Goodwin to David F. and Katherine P. Driscoll, $560,000, Oct. 20, condo.

36 Barnswallow Lane, Carl Anne Hale T. and Carol A. Hale to Turner Family Trust and Paul Turner, $1,075,000, Oct. 17, single family.

7 Chapel Hill Drive Unit 7, Asem Limited Liability Co. to Shawn P. Doolin, $282,500, Oct. 17, condo.

6 Ropewalk Court Unit 4, Amy Durgin to Gregory Obrien, $305,000, Oct. 17, condo.

2 Bayden Path, I. G. IV & Lili K. Colby Family Trust and Ira G. Colby 4th to Aileen C. Trainer and Howard A. Dine 3rd, $1,040,000, Oct. 17, single family.

6 Circuit Road, Melbert J. and Eleanor R. Ahearn to Tucker N. Mckay and Joanna Sayce, $440,000, Oct. 17, single family.

66 Raymond Road, David A. and Mildred R. Yuscavitch to Mariann Mcshane, $565,000, Oct. 18, single family.

Bentgrass Mist Lot A358, Pinehills Limited Liability Co. to Bentgrass Development Inc., $195,000, Oct. 18.

45 Tinkers Blf Unit 45TB, Ridge Development Limited Liability Co. to Marc E. and Caren M. Rempelakis, $849,180, Oct. 19, condo.

Bentgrass Mist Lot A359, Pinehills Limited Liability Co. to Bentgrass Development Inc., $195,000, Oct. 18.

6 Mountain Laurel Way, Whitman Homes Inc. to Bono Family Trust and Martin F. Bono, $648,093, Oct. 17.

3 Blossom Drive, Ejp Redbrook Limited Liability Co. to Bruce A. and Constance L. Masucci, $714,900, Oct. 16.

41 Post N. Rail Ave., Lisa M. Price to Conrad A. Cayting, $125,000, Oct. 19, single family.

3 Theatre Colony Way, Westgate Terrence J. Est and Scott Westgate to Robert and Sandra Malone, $350,000, Oct. 18, single family.

18 Sky Reach, Barbara A. Ahern RET and Joseph W. Ahern to Jeanne A. Lesperance, $255,000, Oct. 20, single family.

27 Plantation Road, Ryan and Alexandra Patenaude to Adam E. and Kathryn M. Elias, $795,000, Oct. 19, single family.

Saquish Western Pt, Mary Manguso to Peacock Re Holdings Limited Liability Co., $25,000, Oct. 20.

51 White Oak Drive, Michal R. Fazio Sr to Jennifer E. Schad, $660,000, Oct. 16, single family.

18 Kensington, 18 Kensington Realty Trust and Rachelle L. Boucher to Cheryl Sauter, $835,000, Oct. 20, single family.


73 Edinboro Road Unit 73, Sheryl A. Larkin to Brendan Combes, $389,000, Oct. 20, condo.

183-185 Liberty St., Patterson Jeffrey W. Est and Chun W. Patterson to Allen Huang, $738,000, Oct. 20.

11 Gannett Road, Reksten Realty Trust and Sally L. Reksten to Christine A. Margotta, $530,000, Oct. 19, single family.

694-696 Washington St., 700 Washington Street Realty Trust and Brian R. Burke to Uma Dhanabalan 2012 RET and Uma Dhanabalan, $375,000, Oct. 19.

80 Harbourside Road Unit 80, Edward A. Sullivan and K. A. Jacobs-Sullivan to Joseph Shibley, $785,000, Oct. 20, condo.

207-209 Granite St., Driscoll Robert P. Est and James M. Driscoll to Mario Gomes, $606,000, Oct. 19.

200 Cove Way Unit 808, La Titi RET and Yvette Rodriguez to Mindy Li, $375,000, Oct. 16, condo.

60 Goddard St., Savvy Acquisitions Limited Liability Co. to Paul R. Chroniak, $339,750, Oct. 16, single family.

25 Doble St., Bianca and Paul G. Perotti to Dinh N. and Hong T. Tran, $581,000, Oct. 18, single family.

19 Jenness St., Donna Sandri to Carolyn and Lea Ricci, $730,000, Oct. 20, single family.

60 Goddard St., Steven D. and Evis Mason to Yong Zheng, $760,000, Oct. 16, single family.

17 Plymouth St., William Ranalli T. and William Ranalli to Zhikai and Zhijing Wang, $1,310,000, Oct. 19.

234-B Quincy Shore Drive, Tristan K. Nguyen to Shufang Wu and Patrick Lee, $470,000, Oct. 18, single family.

258 Quincy Ave., Angelucci Ciraolo T. and Joanne Angelucci to Ying and Ming Y. Zheng, $450,000, Oct. 19, single family.

43 Kidder St., John Chen and Yilei Mao to Alexandra Schoepke, $475,000, Oct. 20, single family.

229 Victory Road Unit 229, Steven M. Berenson to Dennis Kulka, $1,120,000, Oct. 20, condo.

140 Fayette St., Mohammed Bennoune and Meagan Noah to Gregory F. and Kristen J. Anglin, $570,000, Oct. 19, single family.

44 Prospect Hill St. Unit B., 44 Prospect Hill Limited Liability Co. to Anusha Dumpala and Eshwar S. Nagekar, $640,000, Oct. 16, condo.

511 Hancock St. Unit 605, Nq3 Development Limited Liability Co. to Jiansong Zhu and Yan Lin, $864,000, Oct. 19, condo.

69 Franklin Ave., Ting Chen to Donald P. Kavanagh, $610,000, Oct. 20, single family.

209-211 Kendrick Ave., Dicesare (irrevocable trust) and Cynthia Webb to Shannon Mullen, $1,105,000, Oct. 18.

179 Main St., Chenguang Xian to Jian R. Liang and Shuxia Gong, $456,000, Oct. 19, single family.


28 Imrie St., Ezerniece Daiga Est and Dina Goldman to Ethan Dang and Huyen M. To, $550,000, Oct. 19, single family.

734 S. Main St., R&b Realty Trust and Ronald A. Spearin to Carole J. Duvert, $785,000, Oct. 20.

16 Hall St., David Nguyen and Van T. Vu to Ngocanh Huynh, $460,000, Oct. 18, single family.

15 Thompson Drive Unit 19, Marilyn J. Hancock to Therese Kouame and Emilie Akpa, $300,000, Oct. 20, condo.

64 Woodlawn Road, Hic Of Massachusetts Inc. to Jamal U. Mahmood, $650,000, Oct. 16, single family.

14 Scannell Road, Debra M. Piccirilli to Frank W. and Diane M. Fate, $100,000, Oct. 16, single family.

Avalon Drive, Breit Mf Blue Hills Limited Liability Co. to Sva Prynne Limited Liability Co., $143,500,000, Oct. 18.

12 Darrell Drive, Ann L. Dunn and Sharon Cohen to Vincent Roberts, $500,000, Oct. 18, single family.

14 Greenhouse Way, Sang Robbins to Gerald Charles Jr. and Lourdnie Cherisol, $779,900, Oct. 18, single family.

69 Karen Drive, Lecia Rando and Isaac Mendelson to Matthew Omorodion, $600,000, Oct. 17, single family.

4 Devine Road, Whitman Ventures Limited Liability Co. to Nadine T. Louis and Michelet Trenteetun, $640,000, Oct. 20, single family.


632 Beech St., William H. Noble to Paul Padula, $282,000, Oct. 18, single family.

5 Icehouse Lane, Nicholas J. and Erica Hoitt to Jamaal and Venessa A. Sumner, $650,000, Oct. 20, single family.

415 North Ave., Terrence N. Murphy to Sharon M. and Daniel W. Steele, $500,000, Oct. 17, single family.


42 Shadwell Road, Flaherty Family Trust and Wh Ohrenberger 3rd to Timothy A. and Elcin A. Osburg, $650,000, Oct. 20, single family.

3 Sangay Lane, Edwin F. and Betty A. Raymond Jr. to James E. Rogers Jr., $760,000, Oct. 16, single family.

616 Hatherly Road, Stephen A. and Wendy S. Oleksiak to Soule Realty Trust and Maura K. Soule, $2,000,000, Oct. 20, single family.

3 Seagull Lane Unit 3, Laura Dean-Kerans T. and Sean C. Kerans to Ann Popoli, $680,000, Oct. 19, condo.

2 Wendy Drive Unit 2, Michael J. and Heather M. Vaughan to Sharon Tuckwell, $1,840,000, Oct. 20, condo.

11 Wellesley Road, Paula and Clarence Zicko to Charles and Caren Shea, $1,225,000, Oct. 18, single family.


12 Laurel Road, Jeremy Flennasprague and Cara Flenna-Sprague to Anna and Daniel Banghart, $675,000, Oct. 17, single family.

6 Gabriel Road, Mank Limited Liability Co. to Patrick F. Mccarthy, $499,900, Oct. 19, single family.


45 Whitten Ave., Alfred K. Ceasar and Ruth N. Tetteh-Lyons to Rajendra and Naynabahen Patel, $825,000, Oct. 19, single family.

51 Edgewood Ave., Jacquelyn M. Davis to Maxime Maximilien and Carline M. Benjamin, $560,000, Oct. 19, single family.

516 Washington St., 516 Wa Street Realty Limited Liability Co. to Tena Limited Liability Co., $350,000, Oct. 18.

Turnpike St., Tripp Family Realty Limited Liability Co. to Absolute Builders Limited Liability Co., $800,000, Oct. 20.

33 Lakewood Drive, Matthew and Alisha F. Elliott to David Tith and Amanda Chiu, $800,000, Oct. 20, single family.

Turnpike St., Tripp Family Realty Limited Liability Co. to Absolute Builders Limited Liability Co., $800,000, Oct. 20.

Turnpike St., Tripp Family Realty Limited Liability Co. to Absolute Builders Limited Liability Co., $800,000, Oct. 20.

30 Turnstone Terrace, Rena J. Sousa RET and Rena J. Sousa to Sejin Suh and Heeyeon Kim, $795,000, Oct. 17, single family.

27 Glen St. Unit 14, Lc Realty Trust and Lawrence Cable to Sage Psychiatry Limited Liability Co., $77,500, Oct. 17.

94 Cottonwood Drive Unit 94, Volodymyr Yurchyshyn to Ryan C. Ohare, $410,000, Oct. 17, condo.

29 Camelot Court Unit 29, Max Gladstone to Stacy J. Osterhoudt, $561,000, Oct. 20, condo.

Turnpike St., Tripp Family Realty Limited Liability Co. to Absolute Builders Limited Liability Co., $800,000, Oct. 20.

20 Lawler Lane, Sawk Limited Liability Co. to Loureiro -Connors Realty Trust and Americo D. Loureiro, $1,200,000, Oct. 17.


300 River St. Unit 13, John M. and Carol A. Haley to Kathleen Oneill, $450,000, Oct. 18, condo.

896 Washington St., Leontina D. and Thomas W. Green to 896 Washington Street Limited Liability Co., $970,000, Oct. 19.

40 Sagamore Road, Martin R. Manning Sr to Paula M. Hanley, $475,000, Oct. 19, single family.

327 Bridge St., John and Barbara J. Milley to A&j Realty Trust and Richard Chaisson, $360,000, Oct. 16.

53 Seabury St., Michael J. Moody T. and Michael J. Moody to Joseph D. and Ann B. Zaks, $900,000, Oct. 17, single family.

19 Heather Lane, Mindy Li to Kenny Zhou, $838,000, Oct. 16, single family.

37 Raleigh Road, Andrew T. and Season A. Houghton to Ryan D. and Jennifer Mcdonald, $390,000, Oct. 17, single family.

103 Hill St., Platteel Family Trust and Arlene A. Platteel to Laura and Patrick Kelsey, $575,000, Oct. 20, single family.

68 Jordan Drive, C. M. Gerokoulis M. & A. Lt and Christine M. Gerokoulis to Bradley and Deborah Bloom, $1,300,000, Oct. 19, single family.

28 White St., Hansbury Family Trust and Eileen Hansbury to James A. Odea and Marilyn R. Frano, $775,000, Oct. 20, single family.

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