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Ask Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki and he’ll tell you major shifts are underway in real estate and precious metals markets. Kiyosaki garnered fame dispensing personal finance advice, but his latest comments focus on spotting deals in turbulent times. Lately, he’s warned the real estate boom may soon go bust while touting silver as a hedge with built-in demand drivers.

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Real Estate Bubble Ready To Pop?

Kiyosaki points to New York City’s crackdown on Airbnb rentals as indicative of broader oversupply and regulatory risks in housing. NYC implemented a “de facto ban” on Airbnb short-term listings last September. Subsequently, Airbnb listings in one of its top markets dried up.

“Airbnb to lead real estate market crash,” he said in a recent post on X. He says that this is bad for homeowners but good news for prospective buyers. “If you want a new home, your happy days are around the corner. Same for rental property. The best time to get rich is in a crash.”

So, Kiyosaki believes this Airbnb exodus foreshadows a larger real estate pullback. That could mean trouble for overleveraged homeowners or real estate investors late to the party. Property prices already exceed pre-2008 crash highs in many areas. Rising interest rates add pressure in 2023.

However, Kiyosaki says every market crash brings investment bargains, too. He expects the next real estate decline to enable buyers to scoop up properties on the cheap. Investors who acquire rental units or flip houses at deep discounts can profit during the eventual rebound.

For those dreaming of home ownership but struggling with affordability, he says, “If you want a new home your happy days are around the corner.” The same applies to investors aiming to expand rental property portfolios.

In Kiyosaki’s experience, “The best time to get rich is in a crash.” Market pullbacks test investor mettle but bargain purchases sow wealth over the long haul.

Silver’s Time To Shine?

Unlike overstretched real estate, Kiyosaki shares that silver is the “biggest investment bargain” right now. Although off ~50% from its all-time high near $50 per ounce, he expects industrial demand to propel new silver highs over time.

Already among the world’s most widely used commodities after oil, he says silver will see surging consumption from future techs like solar panels, electronics, and electric vehicles. Its unmatched conductive properties make the grey metal integral to green energy plans as countries and companies pledge net zero emissions.

Ever the contrarian, Kiyosaki notes most investors continue chasing stock market returns while overlooking silver’s long-proven ability to preserve purchasing power. Modern currencies come and go, but silver has maintained its value over the centuries.

The author himself favors physical silver bullion over ETFs and mining stocks. In his words, “I want no counterparty risk.” 

Kiyosaki also thinks that silver is affordable for most in some form. And if environmental initiatives drive demand as expected, higher prices should reward patience. 

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