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Property transferred in Trumbull County Nov. 13 to 17


Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

Raider Real Estate Holdings LLC to Anna K. Shaw, 373 Everett Hull Road, $25,500


Paul Sabo to M and M Service and Sales Inc., 8493 Warren Painesville Road, $50,000


M Walker Investments LLC to Zachary B. Petrosky, 1961 Braceville Robinson Road, $270,000


DGM Property Holdings LLC to Christina Young, 1075 Bedford Road, $45,000


Amanda L. Webster to Amerihome Mortgage Company LLC, 1519 Greenville Road, $154,477

David Sammartino to RC Miller Construction LLC, 2870 Bristol Champion Townline Road, $200,000


Justin E. Martin and Lindsay N. Rednock to Todd Tenney and Ashley Tenney, 5772 Sarah Ave., $163,500

Pekarovic Land Company LLC to Jeffrey Moody and Rhonda Moody, 5875 Mahoning Ave., $117,000


Greg Van Boxel to Wendy Grim and Daniel George, 103 Main St., $115,000


Brandon Louis Omerzo and Lauren Rae Omerzo to Nathan Joseph Omerzo, Bradley Brownlee Road, $20,000


Corey T. Lunn and LaDonna Lunn to Philip A. Nessle and Madonna T. Nessle, Kline Street, $36,000


ARC BKMST41001 LLC to The Real Estate Inc., 8100 E. Market St.., $650,000

David Wiltrout and Tammy Wiltrout to William Thompson and Irene Thompson, 3044 Fairview Ave., $25,000

Adah June Reitz to Alicia Milliron, 8483 Huntley Drive, $30,000

Executive EMR Consulting LLC to Robert Seger, 3040 N. River Road Unit H16, $53,200

Carla Merkel and Charles M. Marin to Emmanouel Mantalis and Nilo Alonso Bustamante, 9633 Howland Springs Road, $191,000

Skyline Developers LLC to Tuan Quoc Dang and Truong Tieu Phung, Skyline Lane, $75,000

Arlene A. Sutton to Without Worry Property Management LLC, 800 Hidden Lakes Drive, $497,500

Lori L. Stull and Harry F. Stull to David S. Weaver and Diane L. Hafely, 7544 Pegotty Drive, $100,000

David S. Weaver and Diane L. Hafely to David S. Weaver and Diane L. Hafely, 7544 Pegotty Drive, $100,000


Vincent S. Perisa to Dennis C. Morosky, 405 Moore St., $160,000


Jean MacIntyre to Nancy Sanders, 6625 Sodom Hutchings Road, $220,000

Timothy W. May to Phillip Bechtel, 213 Colonial Drive, $25,000


Donald R. Giesey to Eric J. Giesey, 2767 Selkirk Bush Road, $92,000

Stephen F. Carano to Ronald R. Baclawski and Margaret Baclawski, 2352 Salt Springs Road, $159,900


Robert J. Altaffer and Denise Altaffer to Samuel Kumar, 826 Pennsylvania Ave., $215,000

Edward W. Stonestreet to Lawrence J. Bako and Carla A. Bako,435 Nebraska Ave., $232,000

Certified Culture LLC to Trevor Donley, 602 Marshall Road, $165,000

Matthew R. Greimann II and Tori M. Kloss to Corey Turner and Lakisha Turner, 447 Illinois Ave., $175,000


Paul Miller and Laura Miller to Robert D. Fisher and Ella Fisher, 4088 Kinsman St., $165,000


Robert A. Kohut and Stefne Kohut to Louis Oxley, 4908 Woodlawn St., $232,500

Kara J. Buente and Eric A. Buente to Jonathon Leif Gronvall, 3345 Hewitt Gifford Road, $299,900

Daniel Smith to Bradford V. Hosmer and Cassadra A. Stewart, 319 Oak Knoll Ave., $135,000

Jeremy James Stachowiak to Cody R. Morrison, 5563 Charleston Road, $110,000

Schneider Trumbull Farm LLC to Frank A. Schneider, 2361 Newton Falls Tomlinson Road, $200,000


Michael D. Kover to Durst Holdings LLC, 164 Wade Ave., $97,800

Betty Lou Camerino to Teri L. Dayton and Joseph E. Dayton, 1040 Barclay St., $260,000

2150 Dayton LLC to Joseph Bonanno and Pietro Tomasello, 907 North Main St., $100,000


Lindsey N. Brewer to David E. Luther, 5280 Herner County Line Road, $400,500


Riverside Steel Limited to RSI Property Vienna LLC, 3102 Warren Sharon Road, $1,223,139

RJF #1 LLC to Kyle Morelli and Hanna Morelli, 4626 Smith Stewart Road, $68,000


Nisha T. Sale to Barbara Rose LLC,124 North Park Ave., Unit 200, $171,000

Top Notch re Development LLC to Joshua Taylor Happney and Raymond Lewis Logan III, 3027 Risher Road, $135,000

Dominic Bevilacqua to DM James LLC, 1764 Denison Drive, $24,100

Dan Wilson to Ken Harter, 1690 Oak Knoll Ave., $48,000

Genevieve McDermott to Kayla M. Martin, 724 Briggs Road, $32,500

Rosemary F. Company to Aaron Johnson, 145 Ivanhoe St., $25,400

Olit 2023 HB1 Alternative Holding to Anthony Hahner, 850 Oak Knoll Ave., $51,000

Raymond J. Slawbaugh and Martha W. Slawbaugh to Jose Marcos Garcia and Joanna Leigh Garcia, 2069 Vernon St., $27,542

Tod Avenue United Methodist Church to Jimmy McGaha and Karen McGaha, 2865 Carlton Drive, $159,000

Elisabeth Teachout to Linda R. El, 1545 Longfellow Court, $50,000

Thomas M. Abruzzi and Lisa M. Abruzzi to Adel I. Yousesef, 1606 East Market S.t., $89,000

Fortune USA LLC to Aragon USA LINC, 1583 Arlington Ave., $80,000

Anthony Kirksey to Jennifer M. Jackson, 924 Francis Ave., $35,000

Thomas L. Arnold and Linda Arnold to Donald Hayda, 2345 Sussex St., $65,500

Rose M. Kirk to Aimee Herlinger, 3098 Aris St., $95,000

John Vrontos and Jill Vrontos to Petros Kosmopoulos, 341 Charles St., $46,000

Ronald J. Franklin Sr. to James E. Henderson II and Amee Anne Henderson, 2838 Draper Ave., $33,000

Sara L. Lininger to Joyce L. Bailey, 976 Adelaide Ave., $85,000

Amy Marie McGrath to Luke R. Conway, 901 Oak Knoll Ave., $92,000


Divvy Homes Warehouse A LLC to Dana Ocheltree and Jo Ann Murphy, 1717 Stillwagon Road, $259,400

James R. Dawson to Steven J. Humansky and Amber L. Humansky, 1531 Payne St., $275,000

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