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Dr. Ansari embarked on his remarkable journey in the UAE over thirty years ago as an engineer, and through his unwavering commitment and tireless efforts, he has ascended to the esteemed position of Group Chief Executive Officer at Adeeb Group. Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Ansari has been instrumental in serving a diverse range of clients across various industries and verticals within the construction and Facilities Management sectors. His wealth of experience and expertise has earned him the prestigious Fellow membership status in the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM).

As the visionary Group CEO of Adeeb Group, Dr. Ansari spearheads the company’s sustainable growth strategy and actively contributes to the enhancement of the Facilities Management market in the region. Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of the industry and the escalating expectations of customers, he consistently advocates for swift technological advancements, process optimization, and the continual development of human skill sets. Being acutely aware of the labor-intensive nature of the FM industry, Dr. Ansari places great emphasis on ensuring the welfare and professional growth of his staff, making it an integral part of his mission.

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With his profound insights into current market trends, Dr. Ansari staunchly supports embracing progressive change to propel both the community and the industry forward. His primary focus at present lies in positioning Adeeb Group as a future-ready organization, well-equipped to tackle the challenges of a rapidly growing and fiercely competitive market.

Beyond his exceptional professional contributions, Dr. Ansari actively volunteers in esteemed professional organizations such as IWFM, MEFMA, and EEG, tirelessly serving the FM community. Notably, he holds the esteemed position of Chair of IWFM UAE since 2021, exemplifying his dedication to advancing the field.

Dr. Ansari remains resolutely optimistic about the unprecedented growth and resilience of the region’s real estate market. He attributes this success to the progressive culture nurtured in the UAE, which consistently inspires and motivates greater achievements and advancements. Expressing deep admiration for the courage, determination, and visionary leadership of the UAE’s leaders, Dr. Ansari provides unwavering support to their ambitious development plans.

He further underscores the pressing need for real estate professionals to prioritize sustainability, aligning with the nation’s ambitious goals. Dr. Ansari urges industry stakeholders to adopt rigorous methods and innovative practices to meet these targets, fostering responsible citizenship within the UAE and beyond.

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