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The pandemic brought new trials for the global economy and impacted the stock markets. The early days of COVID-19 noteddisruption that led to a significant decline in IPO activity as companies dealt with market volatility and uncertainty. Many leading corporations were forced to delay their plans to go public, causing long-term repercussions. But thankfully, the economy is slowly stabilizing.

2024 has witnessed significant developments in the stockmarket, propelled by stable growth, investors’ trust, andfavorable market conditions. Companies across sectors, including healthcare, real estate, and technology, capitalize on this favorable environment to debut in the public markets.

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For many enterprises, tapping the market signifies a strategic opening to unlock shareholder value and enhance liquidity.Economic trendsetters argue that more reasons are involved in this surge of companies going public other than access to capital. Market trendwatchers believe that companies are more inclined to take risks and unleash innovation and the transformative nature of the public markets.

Tiger Group, a prominent UAE-based conglomerate, is one of many companies eyeing public listing. The 50-year-old company hopes to diversify operations and move beyond its real estate arm. To begin with, the company has already started to look for opportunities in areas like hospitality and manufacturing.

What makes this move interesting is the implementation of this move on the real estate arm as well. Amer Al Zoubi, the ambitious CEO of Tiger Properties, believes it’s a move in a new direction for Tiger Properties and Tiger Group.

As the CEO of Tiger Properties, Amer has worn many hats, and his ambitious plans are reshaping not only the real estate wing but the parent company itself.

In an exclusive interview, Amer Al Zoubi, the CEO of the company’s real estate arm, Tiger Properties, hinted at the company’s plans to explore new markets. He said:

This calculated move marks a new chapter in Tiger Group’s history. It represents Tiger Group’s yearsold commitment to growth, innovation, and sustainability. By transforming into a public company, our goal is to unlock new paths of capital, visibility, and credibility, not only for the Group but also for the property sector, as well as positioning our enterprise for augmented development and expansion. We have been working day and night to make this a reality and remain committed to taking the company to new, unexplored horizons.

According to Al Zoubi, by offering shares to the public, Tiger Group can tap into a vast pool of assets from investors, enabling it to fund ambitious initiatives, pursue strategic acquisitions, and expand its footmark across new markets. He believes this move will restate people’s trust in the Group and the Tiger Properties.

Amer, a graduate of the University of Sharjah, believes that thecapital flow will enable the company with the necessary financial arrangements to capitalize on emerging prospects and cement its position as a leading player in the region.

Beyond the implications for Tiger Group, its decision to go public carries broader implications for the UAE’s business landscape as one of the region’s leading conglomerates. Tiger Group’s possible arrival in the stock market reinforces the UAE’s image as a hub for investment and entrepreneurship. It will also allow the real estate market to grow, creating new opportunities for investors and offering new avenues to Tiger Properties.

Amer Al Zoubi is a name that has witnessed the creation of a business empire. The young CEO is the face of Tiger Group’s daughter organization and a man with a plan. With his undying emphasis on technology and sustainability, Amer aims to take the real estate arm to new heights with a new approach and novel business techniques.

Founded by Amer’s father, H.H. Waleed Mohammed Al Zoubi,Tiger Properties’ parent company has proven its mettle with major triumphs in education, manufacturing, and hospitality. Some of Tiger Group’s major contributions include the development of state-of-the-art marble factory multipurpose buildings like Altai Tower and Al Manara.

As a publicly listed company, the 50-year-old enterprise will be subject to UAE’s strict regulatory requirements and transparency standards, bolstering investor confidence and trust in the company’s governance and financial integrity. Moreover, it will help elevate Tiger Group’s image, enhance its brand recognition, and open opportunities for local and international strategic ventures and partnerships.

With a firm commitment to excellence, a strong portfolio of assets, and visionary leadership, Tiger Group is destined to redefine the parameters of success in the UAE’s corporate landscape. As the company prepares to take this monumental step, the future remains bright and clear. There’s no doubt that Tiger Group going public will open doors of new opportunities for other thriving businesses in the region, shaping the trajectory of the UAE’s business ecosystem.

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