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Newly released data for August shows that potential buyers and sellers in Polk County saw houses sell for higher than the previous month’s median sale price of $300,000. 

The median home sold for $325,000, an analysis of data from shows. That means August, the most recent month for which figures are available, was up 8.3% from July.

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Compared to August 2022, the median home sale price was up 5.9% at $325,000 compared to $307,000. sources sales data from real estate deeds, resulting in a few months’ delay in up-to-date data. The statistics don’t include homes currently listed for sale, and aren’t directly comparable to listings data.

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Looking only at single-family homes, the $334,900 median selling price in Polk County was up 9.6% in August from $305,500 the month prior. Since August 2022, the sale price of single-family homes was up 6.3% from a median of $315,000.

Sixty-two condominiums or townhouses sold for $1 million or more during the month, compared to 29 recorded transactions of at least $1 million in August 2022.

Condominiums and townhomes increased by 8.8% in sales price this August to a median of $174,000 from $159,950 in July. Compared to August 2022, the sale price of condominiums and townhomes was up 6.1% from $164,000. No condominiums or townhomes sold for at least $1 million or more this August.

In August, the number of recorded sales in Polk County dropped by 54.4% since August 2022 from 1,302 to 594. All residential home sales totaled to $531.1 million.

In Florida, homes sold at a median of $400,000 this August, up 2.6% from $390,000 in July. There were 11,530 recorded sales across the state this August, down 71.2% from 40,036 recorded sales in August 2022. 

The total value of recorded residential home sales in Florida decreased by 92.7% from $175.9 billion in July to $12.8 billion this August. 

Out of all residential home sales in Florida, 13.79% of homes sold for at least $1 million in August, up from 8.54% in August 2022.

Sale prices of single-family homes across Florida increased by 6.1% from a median of $413,227 in July to $438,623 in August. Since August 2022, the sale price of single-family homes across the state was up 12.7% from $389,072. 

Across the state, the sale price of condominiums and townhomes dropped 7.7% from a median of $325,000 in July to $300,000 this August. The median sale price of condominiums and townhomes is up 1.9% from the median of $294,359 in August 2022. 

The median home sale price used in this report represents the midway point of all the houses or units listed over the given period of time. The median offers a more accurate view of what’s happening in a market than the average sale price, which would mean taking the sum of all sale prices then dividing by the number of homes sold. The average can be skewed by one particularly low or high sale.

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