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Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

Jay Bentley has lived in Milledgeville since 1979. At age 17, he was starting businesses, and that forced him to learn marketing during a time when most teens were focused on graduating from high school and starting college. 

Over the years since, he has built several successful businesses, including his marketing photography business, Jay Bentley Media, which has been in operation for 10 years.

Jay Bentley Media, more than anything else, is a real estate photography and media company. Open to all business clients, Bentley said the business recently expanded. 

“We just introduced a marketing arm of the business and we opened it up to a small amount of clients to start with to make sure that we service them to the best of our ability and get the most success for them,” Bentley said.

This business started in 2013, but Bentley said that he has been in consulting for about 20 years. He also works full-time at Georgia Military College and has a dedicated staff that helps him run the day-to-day operations at Jay Bentley Media.

Opening in Milledgeville was an easy call because not only does he live here, but Bentley also saw a need. 

“I think there is a need for intense marketing and media for specific businesses. We cater to every type of business but we are more of a niche marketing agency,” he said “One of the things we require is a specific commitment from our clients so they have skin in the game, so to speak.”

When he started Jay Bentley Media, he said that he only worked nights and weekends when he was away from his full-time job. Since hiring staff, the market has, according to Bentley, “exploded,” requiring him to hire people to assist with the day-to-day operations. He called the move “the greatest and scariest thing that I have ever done at the same time.”

Staffers “work from the road” and do not have a physical location, at least not yet, Bentley said. As the marketing arm of the business grows, Jay Bentley Media will have to have an actual office, he said. 

Pricing for services depends on the need. 

“I would say our prices start about $200 for just a general photography session for a home, and then other things can be added, like video or graphics or marketing, and of course, the price increases from there. So I would say generally anywhere between 200 and $1,500,” he said.

He said that Jay Bentley Media stands out from others in the photography business because of its level of service provided to customers. 

“I think our customer service is the best in the business. I would think that the majority of our clients would agree,” Bentley said. “We go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy and successful in whatever product we deliver for them.”

For more information on Jay Bentley Media  visit  https://jaybentleymedia.com/.

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