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Got an investment on your mind? How about Dubai?

In case you missed it, Dubai has been on the radar for many investors not only because of the fabulous lifestyle many of us have been catching through Dubai Bling, or the appealing real estate investments, but more rather because of the impressive Golden Visa scheme investors can get their hands on.

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

In a strategic move to welcome foreign investments and foster economic growth, the UAE had introduced a 10-year Golden Visa residency for investors, residents and other applicants. This visa opens the doors to an extended residency for foreign investors, and residents and has been on almost everyone’s radar because it comes with its own set of benefits too!

So, just to give you a quick breakdown – here’s all the ways you can obtain a Golden Visa in Dubai.

Start by finding the right category

To qualify for the Golden Visa, investors must fall into one of four categories that have been ruled out by the government:

  1. Investor/Partner
  2. Deposit investor
  3. Real estate investor
  4. Tax collection investor

What documents do you require for an application?

Each investor would require a separate set of documents to apply, these are:


  • Passport copy
  • Trade licence with partners appendix
  • Financial report for the last year
  • Free zone certificate with investor’s financial data
  • Establishment’s bank statement for the last six months
  • Federal Tax Authority registration document
  • Ownership proof of property (if applicable)

Deposit investor:

  • Passport copy
  • Proof of ownership of a financial deposit of at least AED 2,000,000 in a local bank
  • Proof of residence in the Emirate of Dubai

Real estate investor:

  • Passport copy
  • Ownership of property/properties valued at a minimum of AED 2,000,000

Tax collection investor:

  • Passport copy
  • Letter from the Federal Tax Authority confirming annual tax contribution of at least AED 250,000
  • Trade licence with partners appendix

How can you apply?

Applying for anything in Dubai has become as easy as a click on your desktop because everything has been digitised. Lucky for you for Golden Visas, there are three different channels for applications.

These are:

Digital channels (Website or application): Accessible 24/7 through the UAE Pass application or username.

  • Log in to the smart services system through (UAE Pass or username)
  • Search for the service to be applied for
  • Fill in the application data, where applicable
  • Pay the service fee (if any)

Customer Happiness Centre: Visit the nearest centre, submit the application, and pay the service fee.

  • Get the automated turn ticket and wait
  • Submitting the application that fulfils all conditions and documents (if any) to the customer service employee
  • Pay the service fee (if any)

Amer Service Centre

  • Visit the nearest Amer Service Centre
  • Get the automated turn ticket and wait
  • Submit the application that fulfils all conditions and documents (if any) to the customer service employee
  • Pay the service fee (if any)

What are the associated fees?

For all the investors, there are fixed costs associated to the Golden Visa, which are:

  • Residence permit fee: AED 1100
  • Knowledge: AED 10
  • Innovation: AED 10
  • Fee inside the country: AED 500
  • Delivery: AED 20

P.S: Issuance fee increases by AED 100 annually for residencies over two years.

What are the terms and conditions for an application?

For an investment fund investor to obtain a 10-year Golden Visa without a UAE-based sponsor, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • Letter from a UAE-accredited investment fund confirming that the investor has made a deposit of AED 2 million.
  • Submission of a valid commercial or industrial licence with a capital of at least AED 2 million.
  • Letter from the Federal Tax Authority stating an annual company contribution of at least AED 250,000.

Who else can obtain the Golden Visa?

  • Family members (spouse and unmarried children) are eligible for a 10-year Golden Visa.

  • Senior employees of Public Investments can obtain a 10-year Golden Visa based on specific conditions, including a letter from the investor in public investments confirming the appointment.

  • Real estate investors can secure a 5-year Golden Visa, renewable under the same conditions, based on property ownership valued at a minimum of AED 2 million.

Once submitted, Golden Visa applications take a minimum of 48 hours for completion.

Hope this guide was helpful!

So, if you are looking for a trusted space that shows no sign of slowing down, Dubai is your place!

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