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According to a report by ERE Homes, major real estate companies are choosing eco-friendly products and focusing on creating sustainable communities

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Published: Mon 1 Jul 2024, 12:06 PM

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commercials real estate properties.

ERE Homes is proud to announce its latest findings in the real estate market trends in anticipation of the recent plastic ban in Dubai from June 2024. As the global audience shifts towards climate-conscious options, real estate giants opt for environment-friendly products and focus on developing sustainable communities. With a focus on in-demand patterns, sustainable neighborhoods, and property prices, this report offers a comprehensive overview of the changing trends in the Dubai real estate market.

Our analysis indicates a staggering increase in property prices especially in green communities that offer luxury villas and townhouses with waterfronts and lush green landscapes. Residential complexes designed with eco-friendly concepts have seen much appreciation in their value over the past few years indicating Dubai’s commitment to a cleaner and greener city.

Renowned for its innovative architecture and forward-thinking urban planning, Dubai is witnessing a surge in demand for properties that prioritise sustainability. Homebuyers and investors alike are showing a growing preference for green building certifications, energy-efficient features, sustainable materials, and smart technologies that enhance environmental performance.

This shift is in response to climate change concerns. Property investors and residents alike are now opting for environmentally friendly properties in Dubai. A growing inclination towards spacious, well-designed communities with eco-friendly initiatives is also seen. Property investors with high net worth now prioritise exclusive real estate options that promote sustainability goals in their development plans.

Neighbourhoods with environment-friendly options are also gaining traction, and projects are now working to aim for certifications like LEED and Estidama to prove their commitment to eco-friendly initiatives in Dubai. These certifications are helpful for Dubai’s real estate future, and attract investors who care about reversing the impact of climate change.

Another major focus in Dubai’s real estate market has shifted to energy efficiency. Developers are now incorporating smart home technologies and energy-efficient elements like LED lighting, solar panels, and energy-efficient HVAC systems in their development plans.

Apart from this, the utilisation of sustainable materials is also seen as Dubai’s real estate sector rapidly evolves. Industry giants now prefer recyclable materials with low environmental impact that can be locally sourced. Thanks to the construction industry, using eco-friendly materials aggressively reduces the buildings’ carbon footprint.

As Dubai has become a hub for trade, hospitality, and lifestyle communities, investors worldwide are eager to invest. Still, the recent plastic ban has pushed their focus to sustainable and energy-efficient options. Projects with green building certifications, energy-efficient elements, sustainable materials, and advanced smart technologies will be in demand and highly prioritised.

There is a growing emphasis on the use of sustainable materials. Industry leaders now prefer recyclable materials with low environmental impact that can be sourced locally. This shift in the construction industry significantly reduces the carbon footprint of buildings.

As Dubai has become a hub for trade, hospitality, and lifestyle communities, it attracts investors from around the world. However, the recent plastic ban has heightened the focus on sustainable and energy-efficient options. Projects featuring green building certifications, energy-efficient elements, sustainable materials, and advanced smart technologies are expected to be in high demand and given top priority.

ERE Homes also find the inclination of market trends toward smart home technologies and green landscapes. To enhance the overall performance of their projects and optimise energy usage, developers are incorporating features like automated lighting, smart meters, building management systems, and HVAC systems into their exclusive plans. These technologies will not only aid in achieving Dubai’s sustainability goals but also upscale the quality of life for inhabitants.

The latest developments in Dubai such as Sustainable City, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Kensington Waters in Business Bay, Al-Barari Seventh Heavens, and the Sanctuary at Arabian Ranches III are prime examples of environment-friendly projects.

With a focus on staying at the forefront of industry trends, ERE Homes is dedicated to helping clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of environmentally conscious real estate. By collaborating with developers committed to sustainable building practices, the agency ensures access to properties that meet the highest standards of eco-friendliness

“From LEED-certified buildings to energy-efficient appliances and green spaces, Dubai’s real estate market is evolving to meet the demands of environmentally conscious consumers,” adds CEO Abdul Kadir Fazal. “At ERE Homes, we are excited to be at the forefront of this movement, offering our clients unparalleled access to properties that not only enhance their quality of life but also contribute to a greener future.”

In Dubai’s real estate sector, these rising trends also involve the establishment of green spaces and the integration of sustainable landscaping practices. Developers are integrating parks, gardens, and green roofs into their projects to elevate the visual allure of buildings while enhancing air quality.

With the increasing trend towards sustainable development in Dubai, ERE Homes remains committed to offering professional advice and quality services to its clients who are interested in sustainable building solutions. In this way, the agency maintains its focus on the development of new trends and partnerships with developers who follow sustainable practices, strengthening its leadership in the regional real estate market.

Dubai real estate’s focus on investing in green areas and eco-friendly practices in construction contributes to the improvement of the aesthetics of projects as well as the conservation of the environment.

Apart from the above, the implementation of eco-friendly practices in the real estate sector supports economic stability and sustainability. Some examples include energy-efficient buildings that eliminate high operating costs mainly due to high utility bills and maintenance cost in the long run to the developers and occupants. Also, buildings that have been accredited with green building standards are usually valued higher for resale and rental, making them appealing to renters and buyers who are willing to live in environmentally friendly structures.

The integration of sustainable practices in real estate development also has a good correlation with the vision of Dubai to be a world leader in sustainability. Dubai’s focus on sustainable solutions in its built environment benefits the city by improving its global image, while also attracting investment and talent that helps to create a competitive and thriving real estate sector.

For more information about ERE Homes, please visit or contact: [email protected]

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