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If you are thinking of becoming a real estate broker in California, you might be wondering how much money you can make in this profession. Real estate brokers are licensed professionals who oversee the transactions of real estate agents and represent buyers or sellers of real property. They typically earn a commission based on a percentage of the sale price of a property.

According to various sources, the average annual salary for a real estate broker in California is between $65,409 and $86,969, as of 2023. However, this figure can vary widely depending on many factors, such as the location, experience, education, skills, and market conditions of the broker.

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Salary Variations by Location

Some of the highest-paying cities for real estate brokers in California are Canyon Lake, Truckee, Rosemead, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, and Long Beach. These cities have higher demand and prices for real estate, which translates into higher commissions for brokers. On the other hand, some of the lowest-paying cities are Ahwahnee, Adin, Aguanga, and Coachella. These cities have lower demand and prices for real estate, which means lower commissions for brokers.

Experience Matters

The number of years of experience also affects the salary of a real estate broker in California. According to, brokers with more than 10 years of experience earn an average of $127,582 per year, while brokers with one to two years of experience earn an average of $97,237 per year.

Education and Certifications

The education and certifications of a real estate broker can also influence their income potential. To become a broker in California, one must have at least two years of experience as a licensed salesperson and complete eight college-level courses in real estate.

Additionally, some brokers may pursue further education or certifications to enhance their skills and credibility, such as a bachelor’s or master’s degree in real estate or business administration, or a designation from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), such as Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR), or Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM).

Key Skills and Qualifications

The skills and qualifications of a real estate broker can also make a difference in their salary. Some of the most valuable skills for brokers are market analysis, WordPress, Google Ads, negotiation, communication, customer service, and marketing. Brokers who have these skills can attract more clients, generate more leads, close more deals, and earn higher commissions.

Market Conditions and Trends

Finally, the market conditions and trends can also affect the income of a real estate broker in California. The demand and supply of real estate properties, the interest rates, the economic outlook, the consumer confidence, and the competition can all influence the volume and value of transactions that brokers handle.

For example, during a seller’s market, when there is high demand and low supply of properties, brokers can charge higher commissions and sell properties faster. Conversely, during a buyer’s market, when there is low demand and a high supply of properties, brokers may have to lower their commissions and work harder to sell properties.

Therefore, the salary of a real estate broker in California depends on many factors that can vary from one broker to another. The average annual salary for a broker in California is between $65,409 and $86,969 as of 2023.

What Kind of Brokers Make the Most Money in California?

Not all real estate brokers in California make the same amount of money by selling real estate. Depending on their type, education, experience, skills, and market niche, some brokers can earn more money than others.

Types of Brokers

In general, there are four types of licensed real estate brokers in California:

  1. Flat Fee MLS Brokers: These brokers charge an upfront fee to list a property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), with fees ranging from $100 to $1,000. They make money by listing many properties with minimal effort and cost.
  2. Flat Rate or Discount Brokers: These brokers offer services at a lower price, charging a fixed amount or a reduced percentage of the sale price as their commission. For example, a flat rate broker may charge $3,000 or 1% of the sale price. They save on marketing and operational expenses.
  3. Low Commission Brokers: These brokers charge a lower commission than the average market rate, often 2% or less of the sale price, while the average market rate is around 5% or 6%. They compete with competitive pricing and quality service.
  4. Virtual Full-Service Brokers: These brokers provide all services online or remotely, often with a hybrid fee structure. They leverage technology to offer convenience and value.

The income potential of each type varies based on their unique advantages and challenges.

Factors Influencing Income Potential

In conclusion, the type of broker that makes the most money in California depends on many factors:

  • Market conditions
  • Competition
  • Client preferences
  • Broker’s skills and strategies

However, regardless of the type of broker, some common factors that can increase their income potential include:

  • Holding a broker license that allows them to work independently or hire other agents
  • Holding a college degree or certification in real estate or related fields
  • Possessing skills in market analysis, WordPress, Google Ads, negotiation, communication, customer service, and marketing
  • Having a niche or specialization in a certain type of property or area
  • Establishing a strong online presence and reputation

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