How Blockchain Tech Aims To Democratize Real Estate Investing –

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As the U.S. real estate market ballooned to $52 trillion dollars in 2023, according to Zillow, a growing number of start-ups think web3 can lower the barrier to entry for aspiring real estate investors.
Lofty AI focuses on the rental market, allowing its customers to buy a stake in a rental property for as low as around $50. Those investors earn daily rental income and collectively govern decisions with the property.
Vesta Equity pairs investors with homeowners looking to sell a portion of their home equity as a token in return for cash. The homeowner can repurchase the token at market value at a later date, or the investor holding that token can take advantage of future appreciation of the property at the time of sale.
As these companies grow in users and revenue, there’s still a question of whether they fit under current U.S. regulations and how they could impact communities.
00:00 – 00:56 Intro
00:57 – 03:46 What is tokenized real estate?
03:47 – 06:15 How is it regulated?
06:16 – 09:28 How does it affect communities?
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