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The housing market in Henderson, NV, has been garnering substantial attention in 2024. If you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest, it’s essential to understand the current trends, future predictions, and where Henderson stands in comparison to other popular areas like Summerlin.

How is the Henderson NV Housing Market Doing in 2024?

As of June 2024, home prices in Henderson have witnessed a marked increase. Redfin reports that the median home price is $495,000, up by 7.6% compared to the previous year. Similarly, Zillow mentions an average home value of $484,265, reflecting a 5.5% rise over the past year. The noticeable appreciation in property values is indicative of a robust demand.

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Key Statistics:

  • Median Home Price: $495,000
  • Average Home Value: $484,265
  • Year-on-Year Increase: Approximately 7.6%

In general, homes are selling more quickly. On average, properties in Henderson are on the market for about 38 days, which signifies a brisk market where buyers need to act fast.

Market Dynamics: Buyers or Sellers Market?

The predominant trend leans towards a sellers’ market. Data from RocketHomes shows that due to increased demand and limited supply, home prices in Henderson have climbed, and properties sell faster. For those looking to maximize returns on their investments, now might be an optimal time to sell.

Seller-Friendly Indicators:

  • Low Inventory: Limited availability of homes.
  • Fast Sales: Average days on the market is 38.
  • Rising Prices: Continuous year-over-year price increases.

Henderson Real Estate Predictions for 2024 and Beyond

Several real estate experts project that the Henderson housing market will maintain its current momentum through 2024 and beyond. Factors influencing this positive outlook include:

  • Economic Growth: Continuous economic development in the region.
  • Population Increase: Steady population inflow creating demand for housing.
  • Investor Interest: Henderson’s real estate is appealing to both local and out-of-state investors.

While some speculate a potential cooling due to broader economic factors, the general sentiment remains optimistic.

Price Predictions

  • Considering the Upward Trend: Looking at year-over-year growth and current median sales price, Henderson’s housing market seems to be on an upward trajectory in 2024. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that this forecast is based on current data and market conditions can change rapidly.
  • Potential for Moderation: While some sources predict continued price increases, others suggest a possible moderation in growth as the year progresses. This could be due to factors like rising interest rates or an increase in available inventory.

Market Activity

  • Current Market: Based on the speed of homes selling (days on market), it currently leans towards a seller’s market. This means sellers have the upper hand in negotiations and may receive offers close to or above asking price.
  • Shifting Landscape: However, with a potential rise in inventory, the market dynamics could shift towards a more balanced state in the coming months. This would mean more options for buyers and potentially more negotiating power.

Factors to Consider

  • National Economic Conditions: The overall health of the national economy can significantly impact the housing market. A strong economy might fuel buyer demand and potentially push prices higher. Conversely, an economic slowdown could lead to a decrease in buyer activity and price stagnation or even correction.
  • Interest Rates: Interest rate fluctuations play a major role in housing affordability. A rise in interest rates can make borrowing more expensive, potentially deterring some buyers and impacting market activity.

Are Home Prices Dropping in Henderson?

Contrary to trends seen in some other parts of the country, home prices in Henderson are not dropping. The data from sources like Redfin and Zillow exhibit consistent price increments, driven by demand-supply dynamics. Hence, for buyers seeking a dip in prices, Henderson may not be the destination right now.

Table: Comparison of Average Home Prices Year-on-Year

Year Average Home Price Percentage Increase
2023 $460,000
2024 $495,000 7.6%

Is Henderson, NV Expensive to Live In?

The cost of living in Henderson is considered higher than the national average. However, it offers a quality lifestyle that many find worth the expense.

Factors Contributing to Cost:

  • Real Estate Prices: As previously mentioned, home prices are on the rise.
  • Utilities and Services: Costs in line with national trends.
  • Lifestyle Amenities: High due to the city’s development focus on quality infrastructure and urban planning.

Best Neighborhoods in Henderson as per realtor.com include:

  • Green Valley North
  • Green Valley South
  • Anthem

Is Summerlin or Henderson Cheaper?

When it comes to comparing Henderson and Summerlin, both have their unique appeal, but their costs vary.

Summerlin tends to be slightly more expensive due to its premium infrastructure and proximity to downtown Las Vegas. In contrast, Henderson offers a balanced blend of suburban tranquility and urban facilities at marginally lower costs.


Factor Henderson Summerlin
Housing Costs Slightly Lower Higher
Utility Expenses Comparable Comparable
Overall Living Cost Less expensive More expensive

Notably, sources like BestPlaces.net reiterate that while both areas are expensive compared to the national average, Summerlin holds a higher living cost index than Henderson.


Currently, the Henderson, NV housing market is thriving, heavily favoring sellers with rising prices and brisk sales. It remains more affordable than neighboring upscale areas like Summerlin, making it an attractive option for potential homebuyers seeking value without compromising on amenities. Whether you are a seller looking to capitalize on the market or a buyer hoping to invest in a growing area, staying informed on these trends and predictions is crucial for making smart real estate decisions in 2024 and beyond.

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