‘HARSH REALITY:’ Man warns people in India to steer clear of Toronto – Toronto Sun

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A newcomer says his family’s income of $230,000 a year just doesn’t cut it, given the high-priced real estate market, so he’s heading back to live in India.

And the man behind Canada Tried and Tested — which appears on various social media platforms — posted that international students and workers should reconsider plans to move to Canada.

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“Despite having [a] combined family income of $230K, my wife and I, we’ve decided to return to India,” he said in a video, which has been viewed more than 52,000 times on X.

“It seems impractical to spend millions of dollars on a house and commit to a life-long mortgage, especially considering that even with our income, affording a standard detached house in the GTA is beyond reach.”

He issued a dire warning to his thousands of followers.

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“I strongly advise students and workers considering to move to Canada — especially those in uncertain situations — please, carefully, reconsider your decision before making the leap into this unknown.”

He acknowledged that things were different in the past.

“Opportunities were abundant, inflation wasn’t as high, and government challenges were less prevalent.”

He cautioned those who are fresh out of post-secondary school and have a starting salary of $30,000 to stay put in India.

“I was once in the same uncertain situation as many of you are now; unfortunately, nobody shared the honest insights I’m offering here,” he explained. “This alluring picture people showed painted a rosy picture, but the harsh reality is quite opposite.”


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He added: “It’s crucial to think twice, and it may lead to significant financial losses and job instability. Many are on the verge of depression, a struggle hidden from their families.”

Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced Monday that Canada will put a two-year cap on international student admissions that is intended to give the federal and provincial governments time to curb a system that he says is taking advantage of high tuition while providing, in some cases, a poor education.

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