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The art of entrepreneurship has long been a topic of intrigue for new and seasoned business owners. The combination of bold ideas, creative vision, and smart business strategies that lead to the birth of a thriving industry, and unique stories of extraordinary people who went through the myriad of troubles, challenges, and adventures to turn their dreams into actions, and eventually made it, serves as the brightest source of inspiration for new generations.

These stories teach us to dream big, aim high, and not be afraid of taking on a journey that might turn our lives upside down, as this is the mindset that brings the greatest results. The story of Gary Palanque is a particularly noteworthy example of how his commitment and passion coupled with his deep knowledge and intricate business strategy brought in legendary  results that have had a significant impact on real estate and hospitality sector in both France and the United States.

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Palanque started his career reviving the iconic haute cuisine restaurant, La Petite Tour, located right at the heart of one of the most charming cities in the world – Paris. The old cozy place was opened back in 1939. Its exquisite kitchen, spirit of Parisian culture, and highly popular location not far away from the Eifel Tower made La Petite Tour a certain “love mark”, a trendy destination where patrons aspired to spend a romantic evening, family dinner, or festive event with friends.

However, just like thousands of other places, La Petite Tour did not manage to survive the post-war economic crisis and shut down – until Palanque decided to bring the restaurant back to life in 2007. Reviving a bankrupt business is not an easy task. In fact, it required considerably more challenging and complex processes than founding an enterprise from scratch. Palanque was told many times that his project was destined to fail.

However, that did not stop him from carrying on with his beautiful initiative of breathing a spark back into to 1930-s Parisian house of haute cuisine. For months, Palanque led a tremendous organizational hustle and marketing campaign, starting from analysing the restaurant business sector and finishing with multi-faceted management. He carried out several unique promotional campaigns winning over the hearts of locals and tourists, researched the competing businesses to find out the unique niche that La Petite Tour could offer to the highly selective public, and personally ensured the excellence of all subtleties of the restaurant’s operation. And it paid off. Soon afterwards, La Petite Tour reopened its doors for a local and international audience and quickly earned the status of one of the most iconic, fashionable, and prestigious haute cuisine establishments across the City of Lights.

And that was just a beginning. Palanque then decided to leave his mark in the real estate market history and launched the iconic French luxury real estate agency, Consultants Immobilier, which has revolutionized the entire sector by introducing an unprecedently distinctive array of services and offering a comprehensive, all-encompassing suit that covers every little aspect, from housing evaluation and real estate transactions to property management and concierge services, as well as investments opportunities and fix-and-flip initiatives engagement.

What’s more, Consultant Immobilier has quickly gained both national and international recognition for their remarkable capability of fulfilling literally any dreams and fantasies of their clients, from fancy art deco 1920-s buildings filled with authentic atmospheres to new age high-tech smart homes to cozy villas with panoramic seaside views.

Discovering hidden gems and architectural treasures has become a signature mark of the agency, and raised Consultant Immobilier’s prestige to the point where experts started calling their operation “the high art of real estate management”. The company started major expansion from Paris region to French Riviera and Normandy, covering more and more exclusive locations of unique historic, cultural, and aesthetic significance.

Furthermore, Consultant Immobilier has launched a remarkably successful real estate magazine covering a rich variety of related industry topics, including architecture, culture, market news, and many more. The magazine evoked a worldwide interest and is particularly known for its collaboration and interviews with celebrities, including the star of Emily in Paris Netflix series Lilly Collins, top Hollywood actors George Clooney, Monica Bellucci, Penelope Cruz and Julia Roberts, the icons of French music and cinema Laetitia Casta and Jean Dujardin, the fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, and even the first lady Brigitte Macron.

But even this was only the first step of Palanque’s bold journey that led him to the sunny Florida where he delved into the United States real estate market. Palanque opened the first US-based branch of Consultant Immobilier in Miami, where it quickly turned into the industry leader and number one choice of artistic, business, and political elite due to its unique combination of French stylishness, elegance, and sophistication with American innovation, scale, and excellence in customer service. Building a business in such a competitive sector in the foreign market takes unmatched talent. Cultural nuances, differences in organization processes, diverse target audiences – all of that creates a series of enormous challenges. However, nothing could stop Palanque from chasing his dreams.

Consultants Immobilier has grown exponentially, and so has the agency’s fame for its French chic, multifaceted set of luxury-class concierge and property management services. What’s more, Palanque has also taken care of partnering with the best specialists in the industry and serving important clients in high-value properties thus, making Consultant Immobilier one of the most standout real estate agencies on the East Coast market. Looking forward, the agency is expanding and opening new exclusive branches across the United States, including real estate hotbeds in Los Angeles CA and Washington DC. Considering the patterns of Palanque’s inspiring story, this is just the beginning of his impact on the American industry.

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