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Dubai, UAE – Artome, the pioneer of the audiovisual industry, does a hat trick by announcing its third installation-free product for presentations and learning. The new product is designed to be used in classrooms and help teachers everywhere create immersive learning experiences with the help of flexible technology. 

Artome S1, the latest offering from Artome, is an all-in-one audiovisual solution featuring a built-in laser projector and embedded sound system. Designed to be flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of classroom learning, this mobile product is the ideal companion for teachers. Its ability to project large images and deliver clear sound enhances the teacher’s ability to create memorable and effective learning experiences. With Artome S1, every seat in the classroom becomes the best seat, ensuring even students in the back row can clearly see the projected materials. 

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Mika Salomaa, the new CEO, emphasizes, “Our primary focus is to enhance the user experience and eliminate spatial constraints in schools.” To achieve global success, Artome draws upon not only the expertise and vision of its board of directors but also the extensive international career in consumer electronics of its new CEO. 

Artome S1 is the third product introduced by Artome, a company established in 2016. Their first international product, Artome M10, received global recognition and awards. Last year, Artome expanded its portfolio with Artome X20, an audiovisual solution for large spaces. Artome products are now present in over 30 countries. While the company already boasts international expertise on its board of directors, the recent appointment of CEO Mika Salomaa in the Summer of 2023, with his extensive international career in consumer electronics, further strengthens Artome’s pursuit of global success. 

About Artome S1: 

Artome S1 is designed to meet the diverse needs of each classroom, providing seamless maneuverability for a swift transformation into a dynamic learning environment. Supporting the smooth gamification of educational materials across various platforms, Artome S1 ensures clear visibility with its large image, even from the back row. Effortless content presentation is achieved through compatibility with any device, whether it’s a computer with an HDMI connection or wireless capabilities. 

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