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Dubai, UAE: Bayari Investments, a powerhouse holding company in Dubai, is proud to announce the launch of a real estate intelligence hub that combines a concept store, 360-degree consultancy, and a global network of industry experts. From reimagining concepts to materializing properties, Evolutions is set to bring in a new era of innovation and expertise in development.

  • The real estate intelligence hub is a centre for market knowledge and insights, industry experts, connections to a global network of major real estate players, and a curated collection of exclusive properties available for investment.

Adham Younis, CEO of Evolutions, said, “Evolutions’ concept store reshapes real estate by allowing all-stage developers a platform to a curated collection of exclusive properties. Each showcased project has a dedicated presentation on the sales floor, further enhancing the investment experience. The global network pillar equips our clients with an instant, worldwide reach and facilitates seamless liaisons with dominant industry experts. It helps speed up various administrative tasks, leading to a quick start for sales projects.”

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

Husni Al Bayari, Chairman & Founder of Evolutions, conveyed his excitement regarding the induction, affirming, “Evolutions is a visionary 360-degree consultancy, redefining real estate by offering a tailored approach from project inception to completion. We serve as the vital link uniting developers, investors, brokers, and end-users, working relentlessly to create, develop, and deliver valuable assets. Our team is made up of a global network of seasoned industry experts, serving as a dependable extension of the client’s team. Our love for the industry drives us to continuously work on mastering our skills and knowledge.”

Evolutions’ mission is to create a new expression for the real estate industry to disrupt the traditional methods of developing properties. The company simplifies the complex world of real estate so that clients can turn their ideas into highly creative, effective, innovative, and profitable assets.


About Evolutions

Evolutions is a real estate intelligence hub headquartered in Dubai, combining a concept store of a curated collection of exquisite projects, comprehensive 360-degree consultancy, and a global network of industry experts, all converging to spark a transformative wave in the real estate development sector. Evolutions consistently sets the gold standard for delivering efficiency and seamlessness, backed by a seasoned cadre of industry professionals and an expansive array of all-encompassing services.

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