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In this guide, we are committed to reaching financial sustainability by investing in Dubai’s real estate markets. Dubai is trying to fulfil the demand for properties. So now is the best time for investors worldwide, especially London investors.

They can avail robust results of their golden chance by viewing the London real estate market contribution in comparison to Dubai real estate market insights to know how Dubai real estate marketing is accelerating the UAE economic engine.

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

Dubai is offering multiple properties for sale with diverse budget options that will lead the investor to be sustainable, as Dubai’s economy is sustainable for its emerging economy.

Remarkable UAE real estate statistics and the upgrowing contribution of Dubai real estate are calling investors to take advantage of the long-term permanent residents of the UAE by investing with their devoted budgets in the uplifted UAE real estate industry.

After taking an in-depth look at Dubai’s overall real estate strategy for the year 2023, key insights are compelling to confess that Dubai will be profitable if you invest in its real estate to increase the overall size of the real estate market.

How will real estate sustain Dubai’s economy with a proven track record of go-ahead insights? Statistical content is given, which will encourage you to decide to invest in the UAE if your target is to invest in any other country. Still, with market indicators, you get confirmation of profit by investing in Dubai.

The comparison between London and Dubai markets provides solid logical reasons for London investors to expect expanding outcomes with the assistance of a well-developed UAE economy.

Aspect Dubai Real Estate Calculations
Tax Policy for Real Estate Investors Tax-free policy
Dubai’s Luxury Property Price Ratio   Increased up to 21% in 2023
Dubai’s Affordable Property Price Ratio Increased Up to  17% in 2023
Yearly increase rate for Property Price  Up to 17% to 21% From affordable to luxury

Note: Bayut is the source of the above statistical content.

It is observed that the UK economy will slow down due to political narrative instability, which has a huge impact on the UK’s fast-growing economy. Due to various factors, the potential turning points were dropped, which showed that many investors are pretending to invest in London. Statistics prove that foreign investors rapidly opt to invest in Dubai real estate, welcoming foreign investors with diverse budget options to grow there.

Aspects London Real Estate Calculations
Tax Policy for Real Estate Investors Standard
Percentage of Properties Sold at Discount  74% (2022) / 80% (2023)
Average Discount per Property  8.3% (2023)
Annual Change in Property Sales  -17.2% (2023 vs 2022)
Contributors to Sales Decline Rising interest rates high inflation sellers holding for desired prices
Area of London (Mayfair & St James’s ) +4.2%  Modest Grow

According to Coutts London prime property index q4 2023.

With strong economic growth and stability, which country has more potential, the UK or the UAE? In comparison to real estate market consumption, we know that the UAE is growing compared to the UK’s real estate marketing trends. According to the statistics above, UK investors can invest there and get exceptional results.

Key Facts

Vision 2040 Urban Master Plan Opportunity

  • It is a hub of investment for UK real estate investors because the UAE is committed to enhancing the infrastructure of buildings with a family-friendly environment policy to sustain global warming.

Strategic Location

  • The strategic location of Dubai plays a key role in its economic success and growth
  • Dubai is situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, acting as a global gateway for trade and commerce
  • Its central location makes it an ideal hub for businesses


According to Vision 2040, Dubai is also planning to upgrade urban areas with innovative infrastructure according to favourable environments for staying in Dubai, like

Urban Areas Focus of Upgrade and Revitalization
Deira and Bur Dubai Strategic enhancements for transformation into vibrant destinations.
Downtown and Business Bay Revitalization efforts for a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.
Dubai Marina and JBR Upgrading to create attractive destinations with a blend of amenities.
Expo 2020 Centre Development of a new centre for strategic purposes and growth
Dubai Silicon Oasis Centre Establishment of a new centre, contributing to the city’s development

Global Investment Appeal

As per previously proven records, multiple global investors are planning to relocate towards Dubai-hybridised real estate. According to the Valustrat report, in terms of rents and demands, residential rents surged by 27% in Q3 2023, with an average gross yield of 8.6%.

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Influx
  • Increased Demand from Global Investors
  • Iconic Developments Funded by International Investors
  • Economic Diversification Through Global Investments
  • Tourism Boost from Global Appeal
  • Long Term visa Initiatives for Investors
  • Innovation and Technology Infusion
  • Rising Property Values due to Global Interest

Open Invitation

With fairy rules and regulations, the UAE is also promoting innovation in each sector, so a tax-free policy is a great step towards welcoming global investors to make their future in the sustainable economic engine of the UAE.

  • Long-Term Visas
  • Tax-Free Income
  • Freehold Ownership
  • Investor-Friendly Regulations
  • Golden Visa

Path to Self-Sufficiency

To invest in boosting the real estate of Dubai: Committed to leading you towards the path to self-sufficiency.

  • A high % of rental income
  • Capital Appreciation
  • Business Opportunities
  • Financial Stability
  • Retirement Planning

Property rate price variations showcase the power of dominant markets in comparing both real estate markets known as investment hubs in Dubai and London.

Dubai real estate markets seem uplifted by evidence of statistical content that we will describe in the table that will accelerate your interest in moving to the UAE’s fast-growing real estate markets.

Dubai Real Estate Property Price Rate

Below is a table summarising the Dubai real estate market rates for various properties, with the price per square foot (sq ft) in GBP. Please note that these rates are averages and can vary based on location, amenities, property condition, and market trends.

Property Type Price per square foot (British Pounds) ROI
Dubai Marina £363.07 7.15%
Business Bay £388.34 6.60%
Downtown Dubai £564.36 6.56%

Note: The above statistical content is derived from the Bayut market report on sales and purchases in 2023.

London Real Estate Property Price Rate

The following table is organised by considering previous research demonstrating that Dubai’s real estate has a clear advantage over London in every aspect.

Investing in real estate in London is expensive, but investing in Dubai real estate with a diversified budget proves to be quite profitable.

Property Type Average price per square foot. Rental Yields %
Battersea £1,428 5.3%
Clapham £1,428 5.3%
Pimlico £1,428 5.2%
Victoria £1,428 5.2%

According to Coutts London prime property index q4 2023.

With a controversial mind about who is profitable in real estate in London or Dubai, the following table indicates market insights for 2024, keeping in mind the comparison statistics of both investments, which gave credit to Dubai real estate market profitability as compared to the London real estate markets.

Aspects Dubai Real Estate Markets Insights London Real Estate Markets Insights  
Average Property Price Expected To Rise with Fast Flow Expected To Rise with Linear Flow
Average rental yields Expected To Rise with Fast Flow Expected To Rise with Linear Flow
Investment options Diverse Options Fixed Options

UAE real estate is trying to push up the economic engine of the UAE due to the strategic geology of Dubai, which is offering all wealthy expatriates the opportunity to get exceptional results and profitable revenue.

It’s a golden chance for global investors to boost their income by investing in the dominant real estate market in Dubai, which offers investors diverse budget options along with long-term residential permits.

According to the content insights, Dubai’s real estate is committed to delivering exceptional outcomes, especially with multiple opportunity options for London investors.

The UAE’s strategic initiatives, diversified investment options, and high rental yields are evidence of some of the reasons behind its growing economy.

With deep secrets behind the uplifting economic engine of the UAE and a commitment to sustainability for a stabilised economy. The Dubai real estate market provides a bright future for investors around the world.

Q: Why is Dubai real estate booming?

A: There are multiple consequences behind Dubai’s booming real estate boom. Such as:

  • Dubai’s tax-free status
  • With no income taxes
  • property taxes or capital gains taxes
  • Minimal tax liability
  • Policies and regulations such as RERA
  • Increasing demands for properties

Q: Is real estate investment good in Dubai?

A:  Absolutely yes.

  • Due to property tax-free policies
  •  The consumption of residential Dubai properties is increasing
  •  A profitable place to invest according to your desired budget options

Q: Why should London investors invest in Dubai real estate markets?

A: It is proven by various logics that investing in Dubai real estate rather than London is profitable because Dubai is committed to enhancing your budget due to the following aspects:

  • Lucrative Returns
  • Diversification Opportunities
  • Stable Growth
  • Strategic Location
  • Tax Advantages
  • Tourism and Expo Impact
  • Long-Term Visa Opportunities
  • Infrastructure Development

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