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Dubai’s real estate market has always been a hub of memorable advertising, and the latest campaign from Mada’in Properties for Marina Arcade is no exception. With a series of digital billboards across high-traffic areas of the city, the campaign is a testament to the value of the advertising format.

These billboards capture attention with their depiction of Marina Arcade’s 47 floors of modern luxury, portraying the high-rise as the quintessence of leisure living. The building’s sleek architecture against the minimized backdrop is not just visually striking, it’s a deliberate choice to draw eyes and hold gazes amidst the buzz of Dubai’s streets.

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Color psychology plays a key role, with a calming blue palette signifying trust and stability, essentials in the property market. Paired with a stark contrast of white text, the design embodies elegance and readability, ensuring the message ‘Move Now Dubai Marina’ hits its mark.

The campaign’s brilliance lies in its clarity. ‘2 & 3 Bedroom For Sale’ straightaway informs potential buyers of their options, beckoning them with the simplicity of an easy-to-recall contact number and a straightforward website. ‘Move Now’ isn’t just a call to action, it’s a prompt for an aspirational lifestyle change.

Mada’in Properties understands its audience. The use of Arabic and English caters to both locals and expats, a nod to Dubai’s cosmopolitan populace. Moreover, the transition from a previous branding campaign to this direct call to action marks a savvy pivot in their marketing strategy.

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