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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – The largest real estate firm in the stateline, Dickerson & Nieman, is merging with Pioneer Real Estate to expand services.

The new Dickerson & Neiman has been in talks for about six months and will be officially running in early 2024. The company will gain about 20 new seasoned employees from Pioneer Real Estate, joining their staff of roughly 120 agents. President Frank Wehrstein says the merge will allow the company to offer more staff training opportunities and more management.

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“We’re one of the few companies who actually has management, staff, and weekly sales meetings,” Werhstein says. “It sounds simple, but most companies are now foregoing some of that as times get tough. We’re not. In a sense we’re doubling down.”

With more staff on hand, the new Dickerson & Nieman is gaining property management, something that previously they did not have enough staff for. The company is also offering real estate sales, new home builds and home remodeling services as far south as Quincy, Illinois. The merge is going to make Dickerson & Nieman a one stop shop for the housing market.

“The new Dickerson & Nieman is going to be a full-service one-stop shop,” Larry Holen, the new company general manager says. “We’re going to take a little time to blend the two companies together, certainly there’s a learning curve for all of us but this is a perfect time to do that.”

Dickerson & Nieman says it prides itself on its “local flavor.” With agents living and serving the Rockford area, the company says it has created relationships with other area businesses. Holen says the philanthropic aspects of Dickerson & Nieman are what led Pioneer Real Estate to join forces.

“We’re really focused on our community. Dickerson really echoes that focus. We really appreciate the opportunity to work together with them,” Holen says. “These are two local legacy companies coming together to make one new company even stronger.”

Dickerson & Nieman has served the Rockford area for over 50 years, holding three offices in Northern Illinois. Currently, they operate as one of the top real estate firms in the country.

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