Despite Being An Offline Product, The Real Estate Sector Has Seen Sustained Online Interest, Says Dhruv Agarwala, CEO Of REA India – Outlook India

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Cutting Down Losses 

Founded in 2011 as, the company secured seed funding and raised series A in 2012 from SAIF Partners and Accel. Following internal rounds and strategic acquisitions, including and, the organization joined forces with REA Group in 2020. While the majority focus of the group is consolidated on as most of the investments fall under the pipeline of this brand, subsidiary company is more like a flanking brand, as per Agarwala. The latter witnesses minimal investment and no direct advertising or listing sales.

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

Amidst the dynamic nature of the real estate sector, owing to distinctive policies and regulations in every domestic state, Agarwala sees it as an opportunity. In his view, increased regulations contribute to a more organized sector. 

Greater regulation is essential for the real estate sector to enhance transparency and accountability. “While distinctive policies may pose challenges, their resolution lies in implementing consistent regulations to solve the issues at hand,” said Dhruv Agarwala. Drawing parallels with the insurance industry, he believes that increased regulatory oversight has led to maturity in sectors. 

Many of the factors seem inclined to the future pathway of, yet the company has failed to deliver profitable figures in its financial sheet. Commenting on the losses, Agarwala said, “Going forward year on year, we’ll continue to bring our losses down, but we do believe that the size of the price is so big that it makes sense to continue to invest till we get to that clear market leadership position, at which point in time there is a disproportionate share of revenues and profits.”

Last year, REA Group’s annual net profit stood at A$372.2 million, reflecting a 9 per cent YoY decrease amid challenging market conditions. Meanwhile, its subsidiary struggled to transform losses into a profitable storyline.

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