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This report examines the out-of-home (OOH) advertising sector in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah in December 2023. It provides relevant information on important industry sectors as well as new OOH advertisers, with the purpose of supporting businesses in the region in making more informed strategic decisions about their OOH campaigns.

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Businesses in the region should use OOH advertising in their marketing mix. OOH advertising may be a powerful tool for reaching a big audience and increasing brand awareness. It can also be used to direct customers to retailers and websites. It is worth noting that one campaign could be included and counted in two different industries. For example, a campaign for a new mobile device could be counted in both the Mobile Devices and Retail Shopping industries.

Key Events in December 2023

In comparison to the last 12 months in the UAE, December 2023 counted the second highest number of outdoor campaigns launched, with a number of 139 campaigns including 56% digital screens use.

Another key event is the D/OOH campaigns launched related to new year’s eve events, counting 6% of the total campaigns launched in the UAE during December, but not enough to get the Events & Exhibitions industry in the top 3.

Business Sector Analysis

The International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) system is used to classify brands and advertising in the study. This guarantees that the report appropriately portrays the scope of outdoor advertising activity in the UAE. Based on its business operations, each brand is assigned to a certain advertiser and classified into an industry sector. If an advertiser owns many brands in different industries, each brand is classified independently depending on its commercial operations rather than merely reflecting the parent company’s industry.

Using this methodology, the research identifies and analyzes the most active industry sectors in the UAE that use out-of-home (OOH) and digital OOH advertising. These findings accurately depict the firms that are investing the most on outdoor advertising to reach their target demographics.

Real Estate

The Real Estate sector was the most active industry sector in OOH advertising during December 2023, accounting for 13% of all campaigns. Being the top industry again after being the 5th place during November 2023. 

Most Used OOH Format

Hoardings are the most used format followed by uni-poles, and digital screens, with a percentage of 37% of the real estate campaigns using hoardings.


The Automotive industry won the second place regarding the related campaigns launched 11.5% of the campaigns launched during December 2023, making it comes after real estate. 

Most Used OOH Format

Hoardings were mostly used with a percentage of 50% of the Automotive’s campaigns during December 2023,followed by digital screens and uni-poles.

Fashion Wear

The Fashion Wear industry, considered as the most seen industry during the whole 2023 in the United Arab Emirates, this month the fashion wear industry comes at the third place regarding the number of campaigns launched with a percentage of 11%.

Most Used OOH Format

Digital Screens won the formats race during December in the Fashion Wear industry’s D/OOH campaigns launched.

New OOH Advertisers

A total of 31 new OOH advertisers and brands joined the Emirate’s D/OOH race during December 2023.

Read about the New Advertisers and the conclusion on our website.

Fashion Wear



Zegna fashion house makes a debut on Dubai’s streets with its inaugural OOH showcase. This momentous occasion marks the introduction of the brand’s latest offerings, headlined by the exclusive ‘Triple Stitch sneaker and the expansive launch of the Oasi Cashmere collection.

Real Estate

HRE Development


HRE Development, a real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates, recently launched an out-of-home campaign during December 2023, to promote its Sky Hills Residences project.

Ginco Properties


Dubai’s billboards showcase Ginco Properties’ campaign, a real estate developer with extensive experience handling projects of any size. The bilingual “Experience Meets Ambition” ad message, set against a robust brown background.

Mashriq Elite Developments


Al Mashriq Elite Developments, an esteemed collaborator in real estate, project development, and telecommunication, takes pride in unveiling its inaugural outdoor presentation on the illustrious billboards of Dubai, introducing the extraordinary Floareá Residence. 

Olivia Residences


With an OOH campaign, Karma Developers, boasting over 30 years of experience, and Deca Properties, a globally recognized development management company with 28 years of expertise, take center stage.

One River Point


Ellington Properties and Dutco collaborate in an OOH campaign promoting One River Point, a residential project in Business Bay that aims to offer modern living with 295 studios, apartments, penthouses, and exclusive duplexes, all providing breathtaking views of Dubai’s iconic landmarks.

Peace Homes Development


One significant attraction is the opportunity to acquire high-quality properties without property taxes and with an efficient ownership process. This makes the UAE a magnet for investors seeking real estate ventures. Amid the plethora of options, Peace Homes Development’s OOH stands out in Dubai.

Events & Exhibitions

Saudi Green Initiative


The COP28 event’s OOH along with the Saudi Green Initiative is a great opportunity to come together and make a real difference for our planet, fight against climate change, move toward a more sustainable world, and create a better future for generations to come.

Garden of Emeralds


DOOH campaign across Dubai, announcing the arrival of the highly anticipated exhibition, “Garden of Emeralds.” This immersive experience, presented by L’ÉCOLE Middle East and taking place from November 23rd, 2023, to March 10th, 2024.

Sharjah Film Platform


In the eventful landscape of artistic expression, the Sharjah Art Foundation has once again embarked on a journey to captivate hearts and minds through the lens of cinema and their latest out-of-home campaign. 

Union day


Union Day marks the annual celebration in the United Arab Emirates, commemorating the pivotal moment when the seven emirates united. As the UAE eagerly anticipates its 52nd Union Day, a historic milestone, the nation is set to launch its first-ever out-of-home (OOH) campaign in Dubai.


Al Ghurair Centre


​​Al Ghurair Properties, a prominent real estate development company in Dubai, has recently launched an outdoor advertising campaign to promote the exciting new attraction, GLITCH, located within the Al Ghurair Centre, Dubai’s first shopping mall.


Carl F. Bucherer


Rivoli’s OOH campaign in the UAE promoting Carl F. Bucherer watch, The campaign appeared on the OOH chart in the second week of December. Using the digital screen medium to showcase the timepiece.




Al Shaali Moto’s OOH takes center stage on Dubai’s billboards, introducing BAIC, the esteemed Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer established in 1958 and currently holding the sixth position in China’s automotive hierarchy.

Media & Broadcasting

RT Arabic


​​RT Arabic, a renowned international media and broadcasting network, has recently captured the attention of news heedful with a major outdoor campaign. Through strategically placed billboards, to ignite curiosity and encourage the audience to ask  and know world news.

Hospitality & Tourism

Experience Oman


Experience Oman, the Guide to tourist activities in the Sultanate of Oman has been sweeping up the hospitality and tourism industry and capturing the attention of the audience with a captivating outdoor campaign.


Zarzoor Iraqi Kabab Restaurant


Zarzoor Iraqi Kebab Restaurant’s OOH has made its mark in the Dubai outdoor scene, offering a taste of traditional Iraqi cuisine. Iraqi food has a long history and is famous throughout the Middle East.

Food & Beverages

Red Bull


Red Bull has proven its innovation prowess with the launch of a tantalizing winter flavor – Apricot-Strawberry, the announcement took Dubai’s prominent outdoor screens, creating hustle with its dazzling light unveiling the new and exciting flavor.



The outdoor advertising market is a valuable tool for reaching a broad audience in a highly competitive space; in this effective landscape, Mentos has demonstrated its standing out by combining motivation and opportunity in its first outdoor appearance. 

Mobile Apps



Blue, a leading lifestyle app, has made its much-anticipated first OOH in Dubai’s out-of-home scene. With a commitment to delivering a wide range of rewards from a diverse selection of renowned brands across retail, automotive, dining, leisure, entertainment, wellness, and more.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Dr. Scent


Dr. Scent launched an OOH campaign using bridge billboards in Dubai, promoting a breeze of joy in every breath. The campaign was launched in the third week of December 2023, it is the first appearance for the brand in the Emirate OOH scene.



Vaseline, the American skin care brand, recently launched an OOH campaign in Dubai to promote its new Gluta-Hya serum. The visuals of the campaign were elegant and clear, focusing on promoting the serum across the city.

Home Appliances



Novex launched an OOH campaign in the United Arab Emirates, promoting home appliances with British standards, the OOH campaign was deployed in Dubai and Sharjah during the first week of December 2023 using uni-pole and rooftop-billboard OOH formats.


Arabic Music Institute


The Arabic Music Institute made its highly anticipated debut on Dubai’s OOH scene, captivating the Dubai community and leaving an indelible mark on its artistic landscape with its campaign.

Cleaning Products



Jif’s OOH  has stormed over Dubai’s outdoors and the cleaning products industry. In the realm of household cleaning products, Jif has long been a trusted name, known for its remarkable ability to tackle even the toughest stains. 

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)


GSK, a prominent global healthcare and Pharmaceuticals and biotech leader, has recently made a groundbreaking announcement regarding shingles prevention. This significant advancement has been accompanied by an outdoor advertising campaign in the UAE.

Oil & Gas



TAQA, takes off on UAE’s billboards with an empowering new campaign across Dubai’s OOH scene. With the slogan “Powering a Thriving Future,” TAQA aims to showcase its commitment to sustainable energy solutions and its pivotal role in driving the world’s progress. 

Octopus Energy


Octopus Energy, a trailblazer in the energy industry, is spearheading a dynamic outdoor campaign to accelerate the transition to a cleaner, faster, and more cost-effective energy system., as the world grapples with the challenges of climate change.



Masdar, a renowned organization dedicated to promoting clean energy and sustainability, is stepping onto the streets of Dubai with its first-ever campaign. As pioneers in advancing the clean energy sector and trusted enablers of the UAE’s vision as a global leader in sustainability and climate action.


​​International Humanitarian City


International Humanitarian City, serves as a global center for humanitarian emergency preparedness and response. Recently, the organization unveiled its first OOH showcase with a powerful message: “Dubai’s heart reaches everywhere.



The UAE Aid, the non-profit organization has prominently displayed the aid initiative through an OOH across the vibrant streets of Dubai. These billboards not only showcase the UAE’s commitment to humanitarian causes but also serve as a powerful reminder of the urgent need for support in the region.


Dubai’s OOH advertising landscape in December 2023 was vibrant, with a second-highest annual campaign launch rate and diverse participation from various sectors. Real estate took the lead, followed by automotive and fashion wear, showcasing a renewed focus on local campaigns and a strong digital screen presence. Notably, 30 new advertisers entered the market, indicating exciting growth potential for the OOH sector in the region.

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