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19 Jan 2024 CW Team

Chintels India has successfully concluded a significant real estate transaction, selling two prime land parcels near Gurugram’s Dwarka Expressway to the Sobha Group for a sum of Rs 1.218 billion. This strategic move aligns with Chintels India’s ongoing business objectives and signifies a noteworthy development in the real estate landscape.

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The deal underscores the continued interest and investments in the Gurugram real estate market, particularly in proximity to key infrastructure projects like the Dwarka Expressway. Sobha Group’s acquisition of these land parcels is indicative of the potential and attractiveness of the location for real estate development.

As the real estate sector continues to evolve, such transactions contribute to the overall growth and dynamism of the market. Chintels India’s successful sale to Sobha Group not only reflects a strategic business decision but also signifies confidence in the potential of the Gurugram real estate market. The financial details of the deal, amounting to Rs 1.21 billion, highlight the substantial value associated with these land parcels and the perceived opportunities in the region.

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