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If you’re looking for affordable real estate at a value, money expert Barbara Corcoran knows where you need to move.

The real estate mogul was a guest on “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” recently. During her guest appearance, Corcoran shared with Duran her top advice on successfully navigating the housing market.

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If Florida Is Off the Table, Move Here

As they discussed the housing market, Duran talked about the massive migration boom made to Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, Duran said this real estate boom is spreading around to other areas in Florida. If it’s too late for potential buyers to invest in a home in Florida, where should they move for great housing value?

“Go anywhere that has a poor school district where prices are really low,” Corcoran said. She added that this approach should be made only by buyers who don’t plan to raise kids and want a home listed at a cheap price.

“Go anywhere in the South, other than the hot spots,” Corcoran recommended. “There’s always a cheap house to buy, always.”

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Is Inexpensive Housing Overseas Legitimate?

Medha Gandhi, co-host of the “Elvis Duran Show,” asked Corcoran for her take on extremely low-priced homes for sale overseas. Gandhi used the example of a tiny Italian village selling a home for cheap which the buyer only needs to renovate after buying. Are these offers scams?

“It’s not a scam… I’ve actually traveled through Italy and seen those houses and walked in and looked at them,” said Corcoran. “The problem is nobody lives in these towns. Why would you want to go to Italy to live by yourself?”

The Best Time To Buy a Home

In all the times Corcoran has been a guest on the show, Duran said he has never heard Corcoran say this is not a good time to buy a house.

“It’s always a good time [to buy],” Corcoran said. “I think the sooner you get in the market, the sooner you have a chip in the game.”

Buying should be looked at as more than an investment, too.

“You only get one chance to live,” Corcoran said. “You are not buying an investment only, you are buying a home to raise your kids in, to have good times, to cook in your kitchen. You want to get in the market.”

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