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Aldar Properties has launched an OOH campaign in the UAE, this time promoting its Nobu Residences development in Abu Dhabi. The campaign features hoarding OOH in Dubai, showcasing a simulation of the project’s building facade and view, along with the developer’s logo, website, and number. The campaign also features the Nobu Residences logo and the text “Live by Saadiyat beach at Nobu residences Abu Dhabi.”

The campaign follows Aldar’s previous OOH campaign announcing its arrival to Abu Dhabi. The current campaign uses a similar simple and elegant design, with a focus on the project’s visuals. The simulation of the building facade and view gives potential buyers a good sense of what the project will look like when completed, while the Nobu Residences logo and the “Live by Saadiyat beach at Nobu residences Abu Dhabi” text highlight the project’s key selling points.

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The campaign is well-timed, as the UAE’s real estate market is currently experiencing a rise. Aldar Properties is one of the leading real estate developers in the UAE. The company has a strong track record of developing and delivering high-quality projects. The Nobu Residences development is one of Aldar’s most ambitious projects to date, and the company is clearly confident that it will be a success.

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