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AE Media production – AE Advertising Company announced its success in raising its contract portfolio and success partners during 2023, as it added to its contract portfolio about 30 new companies with total of more than 70 projects during 2023, which reflects the growth in the company’s business volume and its ability to acquire wider projects inside and outside Egypt due to the companies’ confidence in them.

Dr. Abdel Rahman Essam Arafa, Chairman of AE Media Production, said that the company achieved more than its targets for the year 2023 in terms of growth in its projects portfolio which provides advertising and documentary film services, besides its success in having its strong footprint in the international market over the past period, which is reflected in the volume of documentaries it has prepared inside and outside Egypt.

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He pointed that these projects were located in various areas in Egypt, most notably east Cairo and the Administrative Capital, passing through the northern coast and various coastal cities, all the way El Gouna, Upper Egypt, and Sharm El Sheikh, where the company focused on filming the volume of urban development that Egypt witnessed and neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE, in addition to working on contracted projects, so that the project is part of the comprehensive development surrounding it.

He added that in accordance of the continued growth of real estate market during the new year, the company targets to double the volume of its business during 2024, and to acquire a larger number of projects for which it undertakes the implementation of various works, besides the company also plans to increase its projects outside Egypt during the coming period, in alignment with the Egyptian companies’ trendency to work in new markets in the region, especially the Saudi market.

 He assured that the company’s success in the local market and the implementation of distinguished documentary and advertising works reinforces its plans for external expansion in the Middle East region as a whole, as the company targets to strengthen its presence in new markets in the region in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Sultanate of Oman and Jordan, which is an expansion plan based on strong marketing studies, pointing that real estate development companies invasion into new markets is followed by the entrance of companies in different specializations, as real estate development industry is linked to more than 100 diverse industries.

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