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A startling 83% of wealthy Indians, according to the survey, own several luxury homes, indicating a trend of diverse real estate portfolios among the affluent.

Apart from primary dwellings, respondents displayed a varied array of real estate holdings, with 34% owning commercial real estate, 25% holiday homes, 21% agricultural land, and 20% farmhouses.

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“We are witnessing a remarkable shift in economic sentiment, reflecting the resilience and potential of the Indian economy. We are not surprised that there’s been a substantial increase in the launches of new luxury projects across the top seven cities in 2023,” shares Ashwin Chaddha, CEO, ISIR.

He further says that there’s also a shift in sentiments that aligns with a broader acknowledgment of real estate’s enduring value and potential for sustained financial growth while noting that investors are strategically positioning themselves for wealth accumulation and creating multi-generational wealth through real estate investments.

Among other findings, Goa was the favored destination for 35% of holiday house buyers, indicating the long-lasting appeal of Goa’s lifestyle to India’s affluent. The desire to purchase real estate properties abroad was steady at 12%, with Dubai, UAE, and USA, continuing to be the top choices.

A desire to consolidate their portfolios and concentrate on higher-quality properties and assets that generate rent was indicated by 43% of UHNI and HNI respondents. Underscoring the influence of digital transformation even at the top of the luxury housing market, the report suggests that 34% of UHNIs and HNIs are now researching and viewing properties using digital channels, such as 3-D virtual reality and walkthroughs.

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