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Downloadable resources: Aceable Agent’s downloadable PDFs allow students to complete the New York real estate license course from anywhere, including New York City, with or without internet connection.

Study tools: All online courses include a real estate glossary, digital flashcards, and a study schedule for an interactive learning experience that helps you retain more information. Videos, images, and in-depth study guides help you apply what you learn to the New York licensing exam. And chapter summaries at the end of every lesson reinforce the key concepts covered.

Buy/sell, rent/lease residential &
commercials real estate properties.

Additional resources: Aceable’s Mastery Tracking algorithm learns your areas of strength and areas that need improvement, using this smart technology to personalize your exam prep as you progress through the course.

Delivery methods: Aceable’s NY real estate classes are built to work across all devices and operating systems. The flexible courses can be accessed anywhere, any time, and from any Apple or Android device with the mobile app.

Learning formats: Aceable’s self-paced, on-demand courses are organized into levels and further divided into short chapters. Each chapter takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Pass guarantee & refund policy: Aceable has a “Pass the Exam or Get Your Money Back” risk-free guarantee. If you don’t pass the New York real estate licensing exam after three attempts, the online school will refund your money.

User interface: With an autosave and start capability, you can easily stop, then pick up where you left off, even if you switch devices.

Quality of instruction: Aceable’s real estate courses feature an interactive learning experience. Videos keep you engaged, pop-up quiz questions inside the course lesson get you involved, and games and real-world scenarios get you thinking.

Class scheduling: Students who prioritize flexibility can complete the real estate courses at their own pace, on any device.

Pass rates: Aceable has published their national pass rate as 94%.

Instructor Q&A: Master instructors are just a click away to answer students’ questions on the course content, Monday through Friday. During operating hours, you can also call the Phone Support line.

Additional support: Aceable also has a Student Concierge Team available five days a week to answer questions about licensing or using your online account.

Help with starting your career: As a student, you can sign up for the free Aceable New York Broker Agent Matching Program and get matched with like-minded brokers in your area.

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