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Well, lookey here, another championship for the Vegas Golden Knights. The NHL’s little engine that could turn an expansion team with no expectations into a powerhouse both on and off the ice. On the ice, the product keeps getting better. They always have the biggest stars, including Mark Stone, Alex Pietrangelo, and Jack Eichel. The movement never stops with this team as they continue to collect stars like Infinity Stones.

The fanbase was huge from the moment the team went to Vegas. Most analysts said there was no way a team would survive in Vegas, but the Golden Knights proved that wasn’t true. It went so well, the Raiders and Athletics left Oakland and joined the Knights in Sin City. The fans were called fake prior to their arrival. Now, nobody can deny what this fanbase brings on a nightly basis.

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It actually all starts with the crew, putting together a Vegas-style show for every home game. The arena is right on the Las Vegas strip and can be seen from many of the hotels in the area. They usually air the game on the outside of the arena, which brings a giant crowd outside. However, the show inside is worth the price of admission alone. This is an event with costumes, on-ice projections, amazing announcers, and even Medival Times happening on the ice. The show is different every time and big games usually bring out bigger productions.

We don’t need to tell you what’s around the arena. Vegas is Vegas. It’s a giant adult playground. Nightclubs, casinos, sportsbooks, the best restaurants, shows, concerts, and this weird Sphere thing makes Vegas a non-stop activity. The hockey game might be the least exciting part of the trip, and it’s still an incredible experience that has yet to be matched.

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